Monday, December 22, 2014

my kids and the things they say

Sometimes they say the most crazy things.  And sometimes it really grates on my nerves.  I have been busy all morning cleaning and straightening and doing laundry, because we're having a Bible Fellowship get together tonight for our eleventh grade girls.  And because my kids were running out of clean clothes.  I have also been cleaning out my pantry (because I keep on seeing one ant) and making things like chex mix and chocolate oatmeal no-bake cookies.

Which I love, by the way.

In the middle of all that, I knew that my kids were hungry so I made a smorgasbord of things for lunch for them from my freezer: chicken wings, hot pockets and spring rolls.  (I didn't have a lot of any one thing, which is why I made all that.)  After they all finished eating, and after I got the kitchen all nice and clean again, I came in here to sit down for a few minutes before taking my shower.  And do you know what Drew did?  He walked in here and said, "Mom, what's for dinner tonight?"


Granted, he wasn't asking because he was hungry, but because he's going to a Grizzlies game with a friend tonight and needs to eat before leaving.  But still.  I just looked at him and told him I was not willing to talk about this right now, that we would figure it out later.

Do your kids do this to you?  Please tell me I am not the only one.  I spend the majority of my life in my kitchen, and he is my one kid who thinks ahead way too much.  I know why he asked me this, and it's because I need to make a grocery store run.  He was also hoping to snag a sandwich off the sandwich tray we're having tonight for the party, but it won't be here in time.

(I don't write all of this to complain, because really, I wouldn't change one single thing about my life.  Including their crazy and funny questions that they fire at me nonstop.  Seriously.  I love all of their ages, and I really do appreciate Drew's kindness in thinking ahead so it wouldn't catch me off guard at the last minute.  I also never take a minute of this life of mine for granted.  All too soon, my house will be quiet and all of this will be a memory.)

I just think it's hilarious.

Now, I guess I better go and start thinking about what's for their dinner.  :/

Love to all.

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