Tuesday, December 9, 2014

from the world wide web

I have seen some things that I love on the internet lately.  I thought I would share.


I have a friend that I was going to text this to and then I forgot.  So, Andrea, if you are reading this, here's to knowing that we have everything.  :)


I'm going in order from the pictures on my phone.  I found this one under December 2.  But yes, we do.  I think this image was one that Hillsong United posted.


I cannot stress how important this one is to a marriage.  The wives should pray for their husbands and the husbands should be praying for the wives.  I have an actual book that I sit down and use when I pray, and in the book are pictures of my husband and kids.  


This is my best friend's daughter.  My friend's mom posted this picture on social media the other day and I saved it to my phone.  The wonderment on her precious little face is a sight to behold.  I cannot WAIT to see this little angel and her mama in a couple weeks!


In light of all that happened on Sunday, I found this image on that day.  Talk about timely.  


No words needed.


I love Christmas songs, but I especially love the words of the songs.  May all of us prepare our hearts for Him in this busy season of life~whether you consider that Christmas or a stage of life you are in.  I pray that you take the time to make Him Lord of your life and that you put Him first.  We put so many things above Him, and we shouldn't.  I say "we", because it's something all of us do.  May He have His rightful place in all of our lives.  

Love to all.  

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