Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Traditions~The Christmas Tree Lighting on the Town Square

I love our little town that we live in~even though it's not all that "little" anymore, it still has the small town feel that I love.  Every year, on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, we eat an early dinner and make the trek up to our town square.

This year it was the six of us, a neighborhood friend for Jonah and Noah and a couple of girls in the youth from church.

My kids love posing for my required one picture per event.  (No they don't.)  But they do a great job of smiling for me.

I'm bummed that it's so blurry.  My phone was acting weird.  It's the one picture that I took last night that turned out badly.  :(  Oh well.  We can always go up another night and I can have them pose again.  Won't they love that?

I don't know what the deal is with Drew making this face for every single picture, but he really does enjoy being with this sweet friend!  This girl is precious~her heart is as beautiful as she is on the outside.  She has a heart for missions and she sends him Bible verses in text messages every single morning.

Can you even fathom how beautiful this is to me?  I adore this time of year.  There is the Rockefeller Plaza tree lighting ceremony in New York City, and then there is the Collierville Christmas tree lighting on the town square.  No comparison.  They count down from five and then it all gets plugged in and the square just comes to life.  (And a shout out for my little town~we were voted America's number one main street!)


In other news, we spent a good portion of our morning yesterday working on a couple of projects.

I have a couple of ideas rolling around in my head about what we'll do with these, but we love Christmas!  We are enjoying the season by working at a slower pace and making time for fun things.

Happy Wednesday!  Love to all.

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