Wednesday, October 1, 2014

what's been happening, Wednesday

Monday was a long day for me.  I didn't sleep all that great in Franklin, so I was exhausted come Sunday night.  I didn't feel good, either, so I spent the whole day laying around.  

I did hang my new cross that I brought home from Franklin.  It's the one on the top right.

And Jonah made his own spice mix.

I love those dimples.  This could totally be a cookbook cover.  I would buy it in a heartbeat.  ;)

Tuesday we went on a field trip.  I am trying to be a more fun homeschool mom this year, and yesterday was a good day to get away from our everyday routine.  More about our routine on another day, though.  We visited replicas of the Nina and the Pinta.

It was really interesting.  And hotter than Hades.  I will be so glad when cool weather gets ushered in this week!

I made them pose.  They LOVE when I do that.

It's a terrible picture because the sun was directly in their eyes.  They have the most sensitive's a blue eyed problem.  Mine are that way, too, so anytime we can sunglasses (even in the rain, sometimes), it helps tremendously.

Today has been a long day of school for them.  I am so proud of the way they are managing their time this year.  You have no idea how much of a struggle that was last year, so my prayers have been answered.  They're doing a great job of keeping up with the work load, too.  I had to give them a shout out for their hard work, which is why I was glad to reward them with a fun day trip yesterday.

This morning I was in the mood to decorate, so I spent the majority of my morning in the kitchen cleaning what nobody will ever see and re-purposing.

I plan on doing the same thing Friday morning, but in my living room.  :)  I stole this lamp from in there, so now I need to fill in the gap this left.  I also need another small lamp.

My funny for the week is something that involves Graham.  He came to me Monday morning to tell me he left his chemistry book at school.  I got upset with him and lectured him on being more responsible, then on the way to their work, we went by the church we have our homeschool group at so he could look for it.  He didn't find it, so he emailed his teacher to see if she had picked it up, and asked a friend if he could borrow his book for his work for this week.  Yesterday morning he came to me (after another lecture) to show me that he had found the book on his book shelf.  And then I remembered that I was the one who put it there.  :(  Last week, after class on Thursday, he spent the night with his grandparents, so I unpacked his bag for him.  He told me always just leaves it in his bag so he won't forget it on Thursday's.

I felt really bad.  But I am thankful for moments like these that keep me humble before Jesus and my family.  I am a very flawed human being and I daily ask His forgiveness.  Asking my kids to forgive me is good for them to see, because it shows them that I am desperate for a Savior.  I am so thankful that I have one.

It's been a great past few days.  Praise the Lord that I am feeling so much better...I think I had a stomach bug.  How has your week been?  Feel free to share a funny moment with me!

Love to all.

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