Saturday, October 4, 2014

eighteen things I love about him

Today is our eighteenth wedding anniversary, so in honor of that, I wanted to share eighteen things I love about my man.

1.  He is kindhearted.

2.  He is a hard worker.

3.  He is handsome, and gets more so with each passing year.

4.  I love his laugh, and how easily it comes.

5.  I love his hands and how strong they are.

6.  He has always been a hands-on dad.  He plays with them, whether it's poker, or the game they're all into on their devices or phones, or a friendly competitive game of Pickle out in the front yard.

7.  He makes sure the boys treat me like a lady.  He taught them at a very young age to always open doors for ladies.  So many times on Sunday, they've gotten "stuck" playing door holder.

8.  I love the gray that I see threaded through his hair nowadays.  It's a sign that we're growing old together.

9.  I love, love, love his voice...especially late at night when I'm sleepy.  He has the ability to talk me to sleep.

10.  I love that he randomly brings me flowers.

11.  I saw his caretaker side after I had surgery, and it was a whole new facet of his personality that came out.  He was super sweet and gentle and worrisome.

12.  He loves to give hugs.

13.  He adores my mother.  He calls her "darlin'".  It melts my heart every single time.

14.  I love that he still gives me butterflies.

15.  He encourages me to get out of the house, whatever that may look like.  Sometimes it'll be on a Saturday with my mom or on a Friday night with my best friend.

16.  He appreciates me.

17.  I love the fact that we are seamless.  I don't know where his dreams for the future end and mine begin.  We share the same loves and we look forward to the same things.  And it's fun to dream together.  We've always done that, even from our dating days.  We used to drive around and look at houses together all the time.

18.  He's my lobster (You have to have watched Friends to get that.).  My best friend.  His face is more familiar to me than my own, and I love every scratch and scar on it.  I look forward to many, many more years together.  

Happy anniversary, Toddley.

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