Wednesday, September 24, 2014

what's been happening Wednesday

There are no words to describe how tired I am.  Today has been the longest day ever in the history of long days.  I was up at and at 'em at an early hour and am just now sitting down for the first time today, in a chair not at the kitchen table.  It's nine thirty, by the way.

Anyhow.  Here's what's been going on.

Last Thursday, Drew's teacher posted some tests on the wall for us moms to see.  I was so proud of him!

Thursday night we had one of our youth pastors and his wife over for dinner.  They were the ones who stayed at our house at night to take care of our animals while we were on vacation.

Crash loves Melinda.

Friday we had lunch with my dad and that night I went to dinner with a sweet friend from high school.  Saturday was a day at home, Sunday was church activities and Monday we had to take our two dogs and one of our cats to the vet.

Drew and his friend Cole at church on Sunday.

Tuesday was a long day of school.  (So was today.)

Yesterday, Jonah and Noah were mummified.

They jumped on the trampoline in between school subjects.

Well...they laid on the trampoline.

Noah read a book when he felt sick to his stomach, then decided to just take a nap instead.

Crash joined him.

Last night, some ladies from church met at a friend's house and we watched One Night With The King, since we just finished Esther a couple weeks ago.

We watched it outdoors.  :)

Today we did more school work, I finished my Bible study homework, my mom came over for lunch, a friend came over after Mom left, then we started rearranging the boys' rooms.  They decided they were done sharing a room and asked us to separate them.  I was so sad at first, but now I'm excited for them, because their rooms look great.

And this girl is about to hit the hay.  Well...I'm gonna go watch Netflix and lull myself to sleep.  :)  Love to all!

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