Monday, September 1, 2014

random happenings

I usually clean and straighten up our house on Monday's and Friday's.  After and before the weekend, because that makes perfect sense.  The house is messier when we're all in it, all weekend.  After doing this on Friday, I sat down and loved my view.

I actually love my whole house.  We are colorful people, and each room is it's own fun color.  :)  See the arrangement on my piano?  My mom gave it to me on her birthday.  That vase is the greatest color, and might just be my newest favorite thing.  Most of the things in my home were given to me by Mom.  She's pretty awesome like that.


Friday night, I loaded up my car with kids and we went to the park.  Except that when we got there, it was closing.  So instead we went to see my in-love's.

Then to Sonic, for milkshakes.

This is Emma.  She's like the daughter I always wanted~fun, not dramatic, and she can sing like an angel.

I didn't think my kids would ever embarrass me as much as this one does.  He was dancing in front of my car and waving to everyone who walked past.   He is special, indeed.

I found this picture on the internet.

This is my best song right now, to quote a friend who always says that.

On Saturday, I did NOTHING but watch Netflix all the day long.  And I ate an entire bag of popcorn by myself.

Graham and Drew worked until two, and Todd watched football all day.  Jonah and Noah were at a friend's house the whole day.

At church yesterday, our adopted grandparents were recognized for their sixty-three years of marriage.  Mr. Frank was giving God the glory for that, and Mrs. Audrey was embarrassed that they had to stand up.

And Toddley worked the camera in front of me during the service.  I thought he looked cute and took this picture during prayer.  :)

I found another picture that I love on the internet last night...I love this verse, we talked about it last weekend at the Beth Moore event.

I say this verse all the time~when we allow the enemy to get a foothold in the smallest way, that small foothold can quickly become a large thing, if we aren't careful.  We constantly have to be on guard against the enemy~he is very real, and he can play tricks on our mind.  He is smart and knows our weak points.  So...stay alert!

Last night we had community groups, and we ate an insane amount of nachos and watched God's Not Dead.  Well, the teenagers watched and the adult leaders sat and talked.  ;)

It was a great weekend.  And it's not over yet!  I'm thankful for another day to be off.  I am letting my kids off the hook with school today, since it's a national holiday, and we'll be enjoying dinner with my mom and step-dad tonight.  We're having a fish fry.  Graham and Drew are working until two today, then we'll go out to Mom's after that.

I pray that you have a great day and that whatever you do, you enjoy it!  Love to all.

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