Wednesday, August 20, 2014

random happenings

We made a Costco run yesterday, and in doing so, Drew came across a book he has been wanting and asked me to buy it for them.  (We will all eventually read this book.)  Being the book lover and nerd that I am, I couldn't resist one of my son's requests for me to buy him this book.  Jonah promptly said to me, "So since you're buying Drew this book, will you take me to Academy?  I want another Nerf gun."

Lord help me.

Of course I said no to Jonah.  I did tell him that if he wanted me to buy him a book that I would.

But not a Nerf gun.

I don't get these boys of mine, strange creatures that they are.

Anyway, Drew came home and started reading.

And reading and reading.  He's about three quarters of the way through said book.  It's Divergent.  He's reading it now, and as soon as he finishes it, it will be Graham's turn.  I'll wait until last, then hopefully we'll all watch the movie together.

More school work ensued today.  We've had a really great couple of weeks, and as much as that thrills me to say, I'm almost scared to type that!  Maybe I won't jinx myself.

Our day got started with a huge breakfast.  Well, huge for us, since I don't normally make breakfasts of this magnitude.  We had sausage and toast and eggs.

Since I was making eight pieces of sausage, two for each of them, I figured I'd go ahead and make sixteen pieces so they'll have another good breakfast for our school day tomorrow.  I love it when my brain kicks into gear and thinks ahead like this~trust me, it doesn't always happen.  ;)

Toddley came home early with a migraine-type headache and took a nap.  While he napped, Graham and Drew cut the grass.

God love this boy...he doesn't just cut the yard, he cuts it and sings and dances his way through working.  He cracks me up, this kid of mine.  I'm so glad he is so happy!  He makes me smile.

We had lunch, the boys finished their work, I took Graham to church early to set up for tonight, then I settled in and watched a couple episodes of this show.

Army Wives.  I love Netflix.  Have I mentioned that lately?  This is my latest addiction.  I love television, period.  I'm almost all the way through season one of this show.  Where have I been, though?  I guess having all these boys makes me not know about certain shows.  Parenthood and now this.  It was my reward to myself for a great (motivated) three days so far this week.

That's about it for this week~we're looking forward to tomorrow, when we go to our homeschool group.  Enjoy your night with the ones you love most.  Love to all!

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