Sunday, August 10, 2014


I've been feeling a tug to do more lately.  Give more.  Pour out more.  Love others more.  I've also been feeling a tug to simplify our lives.  So I've been clearing out some clutter.  I don't mean actual clutter, I mean clutter of the spiritual sort.

Whatever that means and whatever that looks like.

I've been saying "no" to things that are of little importance and saying "yes" to things that are more important.  That being said, yesterday, the youth at our church had another outreach opportunity.

We joined with the Miracle of Redemption church in North Memphis and gave a carnival, of sorts, to some neighborhood kids.  We had some games, and there was face and fingernail painting.  (Guess which one I got to do?)

It was really, really hot, but these kids were happy to be there.  And our kids were, too, and so was I.

I loved having the chance to smile at them and talk to them and paint their sweet little fingernails.  Sometimes it's not comfortable to participate in outreach, in fact, rarely is that the case.  It's always a stretch of some sort, but it is always worth it.

I encourage you to find something to do~whether it's loving on someone, or praying for them, or buying food for someone in need~do it in the name of Jesus.  And see what happens to your heart.

Here are some of the sweet little faces we loved on yesterday.

The top little girl is Tammy, and the boys with Drew are Peanut and Jordan.  See those precious and beautiful smiles?  It was so worth the feeling of melting in the heat.

I pray your Monday is wonderful.  Love to all.

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