Wednesday, August 13, 2014

on a lighter note...

My last post was kinda heavy, so I thought I would lighten it up for today.  First, I need to say thank you to anybody who has been praying for us this week.  Ahem, Phyllis.  This has been a really great week so far.  My boys have been super productive and have already gotten most of their week's worth of work finished.  I am especially proud of Graham, who had a hard time with time management last year.  He's had to finish a lot of work this week for chemistry, in order for him to go to his first class tomorrow.

So, thank you.  I appreciate your prayers!  I also know a few of my friends pray for me daily.  Ahem, Andrea.  :)  I love you both!

My loves.  :)


After the school work was completed yesterday, we left home and headed to Costco, Chick Fil A, then dinner out with my in-love's.  Interesting fact about Jonah~he cannot survive without chocolate milk each day.  It's his coffee.  That was one thing we had to get yesterday, chocolate syrup.  God love him.  He was a happy little camper this morning.

We then went to Chick Fil A so Graham and Drew could fill out their hours for this week.  I'm going to brag for a minute now, so if this repulses you, then exit this page now.

I am very thankful for these jobs that they have!  Chick Fil A is such a great company to work for, and I love that at this location, they get to fill out the hours they want one week in advance.  They may not get exactly what they want, but if they don't fill in a certain day, they will not work on that day.  It's great for times they're unable to work because of school, or a church activity or vacation.

I am also proud that they're making money, and that they're saving their money.  All kinds of life lessons are wrapped up in this, two of which are the fact that they're learning to be good stewards of their time and their money.

I'm done now.

They filled in their hours, then we went to Corky's.  An old friend of Todd's family and his wife and children are in town, so we met them and enjoyed a yummy dinner and getting to know them.  I was in my happy place, because the mom of the family is a librarian, so we talked books.  And we all know how much I love books...and talking about them.  :)  She also homeschools, so I enjoyed talking with her.

After dinner, they said they wanted to try Jerry's Sno Cones while they were here, so we went with them.

A major perk of homeschooling~getting to do fun things like this on school nights.  :)  There was only a small line and the weather was amazing.  I tried a new flavor too, almond joy.  You would think that chocolate and ice wouldn't be good, but oh my goodness.  You would be wrong, because it was delicious!  I love anything coconut.

Graham, Noah and I left a little early because we had to go to my friend's house to pick up the chemistry book she is loaning us for Graham to use this year.  In driving to her house, we passed Bellevue.  (A mega church in Memphis.)

I love these crosses.  They're at a place that is very visible from the interstate.  And yes, I was driving while I took this picture, but I did slow down and Graham was helping me steer.

The boys got in bed pretty late, so we slept in a little.  Today our day has been peaceful.

Graham is doing chemistry, history and Spanish today.  Drew is doing history and Spanish.  Jonah and Noah were given the opportunity to go to work with Todd and will do their history, Spanish and spelling on Friday.  And this is a typical day in the life of us.  We actually do school at home, in case any of you were doubtful.  ;)  The subjects not mentioned are the ones that they've completed for this week.  I told you, they have been super busy and productive.  It's those prayers, so keep it up!

Well, laundry is calling me.  I pray all of you have a wonderful day.  Love to all.

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