Sunday, August 24, 2014

Living Proof Live, Memphis

I have been so excited about this weekend for months!  It's been a long time since I've gotten to see Beth Moore in person, and when I learned back in March that she was coming here, I bought my tickets in advance.  Even though I had no idea who I would go with, I figured I would find somebody.

I ended up volunteering to be on the hospitality team, and when I got an email confirming that I was indeed on that team, I knew I would have to go alone.  Either that, or I could have given up great seats to go with friends.  I chose to go alone, and I am so glad I did!  I think I enjoyed it more because I was by myself.  It was nice sitting anonymously in the crowd, and my seats were amazing.  I also met some new friends, two of whom I had the privilege of praying for and with.

I had to arrive at 4:15 on Friday, down by the center stage.  My dad dropped me off, because Todd didn't want me walking to the parking lot by myself at ten o'clock at night.  I thought that was sweet.  :)  He did not, however, offer to take me Saturday morning at 6:30.  He said I was on my own for that day~that the thugs would still be asleep.

There was already a crowd of women waiting to get in for good seats.  I was thankful to get inside, out of the heat, but I felt bad for them.

I was practically on top of the stage.  I sent this picture to my friend who wanted to be there with me.

I was a greeter for the weekend and smiled at and handed out programs to almost ten thousand women.  It was so much fun, because we all know how social I am!

At one point, I went in to peak at the stage, because the music I was hearing was amazing.

Beth Moore's worship leader, Travis Cottrell, is the music director at Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee.  He brought his own choir with him, and can I just say that they brought down the house?  Because they did.  Jesus' name was lifted high this weekend and I could not stop praising Him.

I was in the fourth row, on the floor.  :)  When Beth was done speaking, she walked by my side of the arena and paused to talk to the lady in front of me and me~she thanked us for being there~I might have gotten my hand stuck in her shirt sleeve.  I'm not owning up to it totally, but I just might have.


I had to be back at seven Saturday.

I enjoyed a nice little walk to the arena from where I parked.

I handed out more goodies to lots and lots of sweet women and settled back in for a great time once again.

One song the praise team sang had a drum line from Bethel University playing with them...I got a picture, but it's hard to see.

They were amazing!  Graham would have loved it~the music was thumping and I could feel the drumbeat in my heart.

It was like a mini-retreat, this weekend spent focusing on God.  I am thankful that I had no distractions and that I was by myself.  I honestly think that I got a lot more out of this conference because of that.  Lots of women accepted Jesus for the first time, high places came down and strong holds were broken.  It was amazing.  If you ever get the chance to go to a women's event like this, go!  It is worth every penny, even if it's a sacrifice.  I came away encouraged strongly in my faith and feeling like I had an encounter with the Lord Himself.  His name was lifted high.

I'm going to leave you with a video of one of the songs we sang.  Take the time to listen to it and enjoy.  Love to all.

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