Monday, June 16, 2014

What in the WORLD is the purpose of social media?!?!

Have you ever thought of the purpose behind social media?  It's something I've been thinking about why post to social media in the first place?  Why all the pictures?  (And that's a tough one for me because I love pictures!)  Why all the "check ins" and status updates?  What is the purpose of this blog I love to write on, even?

I'm preaching to the choir here, I'm not going on a rant, I promise.

I guess I've been thinking a lot about pride versus humility.  I've been reading in First Kings (today I started Second Kings) in my chronological Bible, and something I have seen prevalent in all the kings that "did evil in the sight of the Lord" was pride (and other things, too, but today I'm only addressing the pride).  Even before First Kings got started, I saw pride in King Solomon, and before him, in King Saul.  (King David had his issues as well, but I don't think pride was one of them.)

Pride became their downfall.  Over and over again I saw it in the lives of these men as I read about them and I guess the Lord is bringing it to my attention because maybe that's something I struggle with.

I kinda think it is, in fact.  I love social media as much as the next person, but why???  Why do I post and update and share?  Is it because I want people to "like" what I'm doing or what we've done?  Is it because I want them to think I'm this amazing person/wife/mom?



I think maybe all of the above is true.  I was reading something somebody wrote on Facebook in honor of Father's day yesterday, a really sweet post about how blessed they are by their husband and the amazing man of God/dad they were or are and I was struck with all these thoughts.  I was wondering why we post stuff like that on a social media website...why don't we just call them instead, and tell them in private?

And that led me to all these thoughts again.  I've done all of this stuff that I have listed.  I'm not one for public displays of affection on Facebook, but who doesn't love a shout-out like that every once in a while?  Or who doesn't like to give one to their significant others, especially if it builds them up in the sight of others?  Like I said, I have done these things before myself, and I'm sure I'll do them again..but I'm hoping that will change for me.

I am not trying to change your opinion on social media, so you don't have to call or email me and tell me why you love it or hate it so much...but I am trying to say one thing in today's post.  And that is that I will prayerfully consider what I post to social media.  I am not saying I will never post another picture or article or blog post or status...but I will be more prayerfully considering what goes on my little part of the internet.  And if I ever have the thought of, "I can't wait to post this to _______!" (fill in that blank with your pick of social media), and then proceed to take a picture with that exact intention...well, I pray that the Lord will remind me of these words I am writing today.  I asked Him that He would do just that when I was praying about this earlier.

Because if I ever boast about one thing, let it only be about Jesus and how amazingly good and faithful He is.  I am nothing without Him in my life, and I pray that my life, my words, my actions and my social media accounts always point others to Him.

And because I don't like the pictures Blogger comes up with if I don't post a picture within a blog post, I will leave you with a picture from today that I caught:

We had to run up to our church today to help out with some prepping for our Backyard Kids Club that starts tomorrow night, and I asked these three to make crazy faces for my camera...and in the process, caught them with perfect smiles.  I love these guys so much.  Their friendship amazes me and makes me so thankful that we live where we do so they can have this sweet boy in their lives.  And not just Jonah and Noah~my older two love him just as much.  Graham and Drew were fishing with a friend this morning, which is why they weren't in this picture...after this I came home to get them, and we all went to Costco.

Fun times in the Goodwin house.  ;)  Each day is an adventure.  Love to all!

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