Wednesday, June 11, 2014

passing the time

Have you ever tried substituting the oil in brownie recipes for coconut oil???  You should.  It brings sheer joy to our faces.  We were in the process of licking the bowl after he made some brownies Monday night.  I had to wait to enjoy one when I got home from Bible study, but it was totally worth the wait.  :)

Yesterday morning, Jonah, Noah and Alex had breakfast on the car rug in the living room.

It was kinda like a working breakfast.  ;)  This rug has seen many, many miles of cars driving its roads over the years.  We've had it for thirteen years.  Graham was two and Drew was one when my mom and step-dad bought it for them.  Needless to say, it was well worth the money spent.  I will never be able to part with it, that is for sure.  We've cleaned it and spot treated it and vacuumed over it, and still, it lives on.

While they played, I did this.

Enjoyed three cups of coffee.  In cleaning out my dining room hutch a couple months ago, I found my graduating class coffee mug.  I don't even remember getting this thing, but it's a great size and I've been drinking out of ever since.  I am always sad when I think of the four of my classmates who have passed away, and at ages far too young.  There were only one hundred and one of us, so for four of them to have passed away is a pretty big deal.  One of the ones who died was a dear friend of mine, Tara.  She was so good at sending me random texts.  The times that my boys were able to meet her, they adored her.  She was spunky and more than a little quirky and just fun to be around.


After lunch, I sent the younger boys to my neighbor's house and I took Graham and Drew to get their hairs cut.

Don't they look handsome?  I think so...and they look so much nicer with a cleaned-up haircut!

Graham drove us home and insisted on stopping here.

He treated Drew and me to slushies, tater tots and onion rings.  For himself, he bought a corn dog.  It was very thoughtful of him to treat us to a snack!

Before this, he stopped at Lifeway, and I bought two more books to read by my favorite authors.  More about that later, though.

My hubby stayed the night in Paducah (spelling??), Kentucky.  He went there to work on something yesterday morning and got called to do another job, in which they over-nighted the parts to him.  It was pointless to drive home and drive back today, so he unexpectedly spent the night there.

Jonah enjoyed his spot in my bed and kept me company, though.  ;)  They do love to take turns sleeping in my bed when he's away.  It doesn't happen very often.

I hope your day is wonderful!  My friend is about to pick me up for lunch.  Can't wait!  Love to all.

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