Monday, June 9, 2014

on a lighter note...

Today has been busy!  Good, but busy.  I should start this post off with the fact that Todd worked last night and it stormed like crazy during the time I would normally be falling to sleep.  I didn't sleep very good, needless to say.  Because of that, I slept late, and it was glorious.  :)  The boys slept in a little too.  Once they all woke up, we spent the first half of our day cleaning.  I did the downstairs and they did the upstairs.

I love having a clean house!  It never stays that way for long, though.  But at least then it'll be a messy clean.

I made the boys a yummy lunch, and after that it was time to take Drew to orientation at Chick Fil A.

Doesn't he look so handsome?  I love him in this shirt.  My day was made when I ran into my sweet friend Andrea!  That is the second time that has happened in as many weeks...and since she lives in Cordova and I live in The Ville, it's not all that common for us to bump into each other.  I loved seeing her for a few minutes, and catching up.

I had plans to stay and wait on him, but after the two hour mark, a whole Sunday school lesson later and a dog that needed to use the bathroom, I left and made plans for Todd to pick him up.

And speaking of Crash, the dog just about gave a poor kid and me a heart attack by barking ferociously.

Does that look like the face of a dog who could such a thing?  Well, it is. 

As I write this, my sweet hubby is on his way to get Drew, then we will be enjoying a quiet evening at home.  We were going to have grilled chicken, but the weather made that a little more tricky, so we're switching to hot dogs on the inside grill.  I am, if nothing else, roll with the flow when it comes to all things dinner.  And thankfully, my husband is too.  ;)

I hope you had a great day!  Love to all.  

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