Thursday, June 19, 2014

night two of backyard kids clubs and a party at the Goodwin house

Last night was night two of our backyard kids club.  I am so thankful for these sweet kiddos that have been coming!  Before we got started, my friend Lori made us a yummy barbecue chicken dinner.  I took some roasted potatoes and we ate together before the kids started arriving.

We'll be eating together again tonight, but this time it'll be hot dogs and chips.  And maybe brownies for dessert, though I haven't decided totally yet.

Here's a cute picture from last night:

Our church's puppet team has been traveling to all the backyard kids club sites and last night was our turn.  :)

After BKC was over, I accidentally let Drew invite a few friends over.  Which started adding up when Graham added a few...and we might have ended somewhere around nineteen or twenty.  Teenagers.  Loud ones...and even some girls.  They had fun, I think...and attempted to watch a movie but ended up playing a game and laughing their heads off.  I loved having all those teenagers here!  At eleven they started going home, much to my relief, because I was about to pass out from exhaustion.

And Drew had to wake up early today, because...'s his first day of work!  We're about to leave now.

Well, speaking of that...I gotta go!  I hope you enjoy your day.  Love to all!

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