Wednesday, June 18, 2014

backyard kids clubs

I talk about my church a lot.  I can't help it...they are like my family, these people that go to the same place as me every Sunday and Wednesday.  I love them and I love the vision our church has taken on in the last couple years.  I will be honest and say that when this vision first started being implemented, it was rough on some people.  Lots of hurtful things were said during that time, and it was heartbreaking to witness.  We as fellow believers should not be out to "bash" one another and the way our churches do things.  We should lift one another up in prayer more and talk about each other less.

As for our family, we love this new way our church is doing things.  We still meet on Sundays and Wednesdays, but we have lots of opportunities to take it beyond the church walls.

One new thing we have added just this summer is something called Backyard Kids Clubs.  This has taken the place of the usual VBS we have, and let me tell is awesome.

A couple of weeks ago we all met at church one Sunday afternoon at 4:30 and we left to canvass the neighborhoods that would be hosting these backyard kids clubs.  In case you don't know what this is, it's when a host home invites kids from the neighborhood into their front or backyard and they participate in hearing about Jesus, crafts, music, recreation and snack.

In canvassing the neighborhoods, we met lots of neighbors for the first time.

Just last night, I was able to witness something precious and beyond words as my oldest son left our site for a few minutes to go talk to an elderly widower across the street from our host site.  Graham asked him if he could pray for him or with him, and then they just talked for about thirty minutes.  I have no idea if this elderly gentleman knows the Lord, but I know that he witnessed the love of Him last night in Graham.  He had been looking over at my friend's yard and was probably wondering what was going...Graham took that opportunity to go say hello and to talk to him and to pray for him.

That is what this is all about.  Planting those seeds and building those relationships.  It was what Jesus was all about when He walked this earth.  He went to the people, wherever they were, and He taught them.

I know not everyone does this and some people may not agree with what we do, and that is okay.  This is not putting down other churches that do host VBS!  I believe in spreading the gospel in any way that we can and if that is in VBS, great!  I just know that our church has taken a turn, and for us and where we are at this point in our lives, it's a perfect fit for the way we believe.  That is the beauty of having so many churches to choose from.

Last night was our kick-off night and it was a blast!  We had about sixteen kids who came to my friend's yard.  Some were from her neighborhood, some were from my neighborhood and some of the kids go to church with us.  I took some pictures...wanna see?

Is that not precious?  I love this one right above...there were a couple little boys who needed some help with writing and Drew was helping them.  I cannot wait to get back tonight!  If you are local to me and reading this and have a completed kindergartner through completed fifth grader, you should bring your kids to this!  The address of my friend's house is 1069 Brado.  We have a surprise planned for the kids tonight and something special for all the ones who bring their Bibles.

I love that we are taking the love of Jesus beyond our church walls.  It is an awesome thing to be a part of and I feel so honored to get to participate.  It truly is a privilege to serve these little ones...and this week is preparing Graham, Drew and me for next week.  We will be spending this Sunday the 22nd through next Friday the 27th at Brinkley Heights.  This is an inner-city mission trip for our youth, and I am so excite to be one of the leaders.

In fact, if you wouldn't mind, we could use some prayer for a few things:

1. The rest of this week as we have backyard kids clubs, that these kids come to know and love and accept Jesus if they don't already know Him.
2. Next week there are about 55 of us going to Brinkley...for us to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
3. For the hearts of our kids going~that they truly grasp the purpose of this kind of thing for what it is, and not just as a chance to pose for cute Instagram pictures or to be with someone they like.
4. For the precious little ones we'll be serving, that Jesus will begin drawing them to Him.
5. For the weather!  It looks like rain or thunderstorms or both on most of the days.

Thank you!  I know several of you who read this who will pray for these things each and everyday, and I so appreciate you.  Love to all!


Tabbie:) said...

What an awesome idea!! I will be praying! I am a Children's Pastor in Alabama and I think this is a fabulous idea!! Love it!! Blessings on you all!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Hey there! Thank you for praying, Tabbie! It has been so obvious all week that this event is covered in prayer and we are so thankful for that! I love this idea, too...I don't think we're ever going back to the old style of VBS. This is actually what VBS was supposed to be when someone first came up with this, and over the years it changed. Thanks for stopping by here and for the comment and the prayers! God bless!

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