Thursday, May 8, 2014


~a day in the life~

We woke up, kinda late.

Graham and Drew got dressed and left with Todd.  Todd dropped them off at a friend's house, to do the yard work she hired them for.

I came downstairs, watched The Today Show, played on the laptop.

Jonah and Noah woke up.  They made breakfast~we all had cereal.  They started laundry.

Noah had to remind Jonah how to do this task.

They asked if they could pull out all our Kool-aid dough.  I said yes.

Who doesn't love play-doh?  If you haven't ever made your own dough, you should!  Google Kool-Aid dough and make it with your kids.  It's so easy, fun and it smells divine!  Even better than the real Play-Doh brand.

I don't think one is ever too old to play with this stuff.  Every time they play with it, they pull out all my plastic cutting boards and this roller.  And usually some sort of kitchen utensils, though this time, all they used were plastic knives.  :)

I had to lay down...I've been hurting most of today, for some reason.  :/

I woke up from my nap, texted with a friend, watched a cooking show with Jonah and Noah.  Texted with Graham and Drew, about how they hated what they were doing at that moment (pulling up tons of wild strawberry plants).  I had lunch.

I got up and walked around, can't remember what I did.

Put dinner in the oven to warm up.  Graham and Drew came home.

Todd came home.

We sat and talked to Graham about how hard the work was for them today.  They pulled down a tree!

Graham made us laugh.

I caught him, mid-sentence.  I love his smile.

Todd and Graham went to Costco and Pet Smart.  The other boys plus one went to the park.

I read my Bible and art journaled.

We're about to eat dinner, then I am going to settle down with my book.  I want to finish it in the next day or two, so I can buy the new one and start reading it for my book club.

That's about it.  Exciting stuff, huh?  In case you're wondering, we do actually have school, but it just so happens that we are done, except for math, and they've each got three more chapters that they will finish next week.  Then we're done for a while.

Love to all.

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