Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hello again!

Today is the first day I have actually felt like getting on our actual laptop.  I've been on Instagram and Facebook, but only from my phone, and only for a few minutes each time.  I have been taking lots and lots of pictures, though, and posting to Instagram.  You can follow me there from clicking on the link at the top right of this blog, if you want.  If not, then ignore the last sentence.

I am so glad to be on this side of my surgery.  Words cannot describe how much I dreaded that whole process, so imagine my joy at being where I am today, instead of where I was one week ago.  :/  The day of prepping for surgery was not as bad as I had thought it would be, and it went by really fast.  I filled my time that morning by doing this:

I was reading my favorite Scriptures and recording them on note cards to take with me to the hospital.  I didn't want to take my actual Bible, should anything happen to it.  Who has time to be fearful of surgery when you read these kinds of verses?  Not me.  :)

Monday dawned bright and early~4a.m., to be exact.  I had to be at the hospital by 5:30 for my 7:30 surgery.  I was really nervous by the time I got changed into my hospital gown and kept freaking out the pre-op guy who checked me in.  He told me to tell the other nurses in the holding area that I had "extreme white coat syndrome".  My heart was racing and my blood pressure was really high.  Again.

By the time I was about ready for surgery, the sweet nurse who rolled me into the operating room stopped me in the hallway and gave me what she called a margarita for my veins.  ;)  Then she hit me with it once again as I was rolling into the O.R.  I'm pretty sure I told the anesthesiologist that he was handsome.  He was being so sweet to me~holding my hand and such that it put me over the edge, apparently.  ;)  When people are extremely nice to me, I cry.  He wiped my tears.

I will be honest and say here that waking up from surgery and the actual day of surgery suck.  Royally.  My doctor was not able to perform the surgery laparoscopically, so she had to make an incision at the same spot as my c-section scar.  My pain never completely went away and that whole day and all that night were horrid.  Things started looking up around 6:00 Tuesday morning, though, when they unhooked me from everything and let me get out of the bed.  It turns out that some of the pain I was experiencing was back pain~laying in a bed, in the same exact position and not moving cannot be good for one's back.  I cannot even imagine the pain my sister must have in her body, as she has been in the hospital, in a bed for over six weeks.

Tuesday was wonderful, because I was feeling better and I got some really sweet visitors~two girlfriends from church and their babies, a pastor from church and my Sunday school teacher and his wife all came that day.  My favorite people of all, though, came to see me later in the afternoon.

They left me with blown up gloves.  It brought a smile to my face and to all the nurses.  I also got to eat a yummy dinner that night that my mom and mom-in-love brought me.

Wednesday was the day I got discharged from the hospital, and when Todd and Jonah walked into my room that morning, this was what he brought to me and my mom:

God love his sweet little heart.  The coffee in the hospital was another thing that sucked.  This cup of delicious-ness made it all better, though.

After lunch, they let me go.  I came home to some more sweetness~

~this and another card made by Drew and all my favorite candles were burning.  They cleaned for me, too, which is one of my love languages.  ;)

I don't really remember much about Wednesday, as it was a pretty bad day.  The pattern seems to be good day, bad day, good day, bad day.  Now it all seems to be much better, but for the first few days, that was how my life was.  I ended up going upstairs Wednesday night and staying there until Friday morning.  I also had to sleep in a recliner, because it hurt really bad to lay flat.  My friend Rene came to visit me on Friday and brought me some goodies.  These...

...and a butter beer latte from Starbucks!  It was so good.  And my flowers are still so pretty, where I'm enjoying them on the table beside me.  Todd had a job to do here in The Ville, so my mom came to babysit me while he was gone.  She ate lunch with me upstairs, and laughed about something she discovered while she was sitting with me.

She wore two different color shoes that day!  We laughed and laughed, until I threatened to kick her out because it hurts to laugh.  ;)

My dad came over Friday and took the boys to lunch and to his house to play his tractor.  I was feeling better, so Todd ended up being able to work the Music Fest downtown Friday and Saturday nights.  My sweet sister, Tricia, came to stay with us for the weekend.  I enjoyed every single second of our time together, and I am so thankful for all she did to help me!

We watched movies and Crash stayed with us.  Today my step-dad made lunch for us and brought it over~

...roast, potatoes, carrots, green beans, salad and cornbread.  It was so good!  My mom had to stay home, though, because she doesn't feel good.  I missed seeing her, after seeing her so often the past few days.

We've been doing lots of napping, I've been reading a lot and the animals have slept right alongside us.

I snapped this picture of Jonah today as he initiated them cleaning the house.  They've also done three loads of laundry.  I'm excited that tonight they get the night off and are going to spend the night at Todd's parents.  They have nine a.m. dental appointments tomorrow and his mom is going to take them and bring them home afterward.  I will be alone for the first time since surgery.

I am so thankful for all the help we've been given~family has stepped up by taking care of us, friends have made us dinner, I've gotten phone calls, texts and messages on Facebook.  Thank you to every single one of you who has reached out to us in some way.  It is so appreciated!  It's funny, this thing called life~it illuminates the people who are the most important and who you should surround yourself with.  And it makes me want to be more conscientious of how I treat people after surgery.  I will be reaching out to others way more than I already do, though, I can assure you.  Experiencing it kind of puts things into perspective.  And a good rule to remember is The Golden Rule~do unto others as you would have them to unto you.

Love to all.

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