Friday, May 30, 2014

from a full Wednesday to a loooooonnnnng Thursday

Remember I mentioned that we made a decision that altered our summer plans?  We backed out on the family mission trip we were supposed to go on.  I've had this nagging feeling in my brain that would not go away, and on Tuesday when I found out that we would not be riding in a bus that I could stand up in (like a church bus), but in a fifteen passenger van, I was forced to make this decision.  There is no way that I can sit for two days straight, even with lots of stopping, and I don't even know if I could have ridden for two days in a bus in which I could stand.  Since making this decision, so many people have told me how glad they were to hear this, and I feel complete peace.

I did, however, spend some time on the phone with my sweet man, crying by eyes out to him.  Again.  And once again, he reassured me and was so kindhearted and tender with me.  


He seriously is my Super Man.  I don't think I tell him that enough.  (More about that in a minute.)

The good news in all this, is that because of us not going, Graham and Drew are able to go on their beach trips for camp.  

Back to Wednesday, though.  Todd's great aunt Lydia passed away last weekend.  She was one hundred and five years old.  We celebrated her life Wednesday morning at Memorial Park funeral home in Memphis.  During the service, we sang this old hymn, which is one that I love.  

My kids even knew it!  I love that they know old hymns.  I don't know that they love them, but they at least know how they go.  

If you live near me, have you ever been to this cemetery?  It is beautiful!  It's a great place to take your kids~there's a cave they can go inside of and a little pond, and it's so peaceful.  If you've never been, or your kids have never been, I would encourage going to visit.  

Jonah was taking pictures as I was driving to the grave site.  We need to work on his picture-taking abilities, apparently.  Even though this happened on accident, I think it's a cute picture of him.  

And during her grave side service, Noah told me that he really wanted to go climb this tree.  I think it's beautiful and could not agree more.

After the service, my mom-in-love's cousin had the family over to her house for lunch.  We stayed for a bit, and when Todd decided to not work that day, he stayed so he could pick Graham up from work.  I brought Jonah and Noah home.  

And this young man landed his first job!  Say hello to Chick Fil A's newest employee.  :)  He will be working at the Germantown store, and my life just got so much busier!  I am so proud of him.  

I had everyone home for a couple hours, then it was time for church.  After dinner, Drew, Jonah, Noah and Alex decided to walk to church.  However, when it started to rain, they ran back home and just rode with Graham and me.  Speaking of church, this was my first Wednesday night back in over a month!  It was such a treat to listen to our sweet women's director teach.  I just adore this precious woman of God.

Graham and Drew each got invited to different places after church, so when Graham still wasn't home at close to nine thirty, I went and got him from O'Charley's.  We had to run to Walmart and I was going to let him run in while I waited in the car...however, this deterred my plans a little.

And this happened.  Something slit my tire while I was in my car, in their parking lot.  Remember my Super Man?  He had to come rescue us.  This turned out to be a huge ordeal and we were in that parking lot until almost eleven thirty.  We had to leave my car there overnight because my spare was stuck under the back end.  Todd finally got it all taken care of (and with a new tire) by noon Thursday.  

And because of the fact that I was stuck at home, I made myself this fancy schmancy burger for lunch.

It's a French onion burger.  And it was delicious.  If you're wondering how to make it, you just add two packets of French onion soup mix to two pounds of ground beef, along with an egg to bind it all together.  And the flavor is pure awesome sauce.  

Last night I dropped Drew off at church at eleven.  He left for camp at midnight and they should be arriving to Panama City Beach in the next hour or two!  I know he'll have a blast.  Graham leaves for his camp Monday morning.  

Well, enjoy your day!  I'm going to go clean up some before my sweet Daddy gets here.  Love to all and happy Friday!

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