Saturday, May 31, 2014


I can't ever seem to think of a title.  Oh, well.  I love Friday's!  Because it means two things: I get to see my dad and it's the weekend and Toddley is home a lot.  :)  Yesterday for lunch my dad, the boys and I went to Backyard Burger.  It was packed!  We have become spoiled to having places to ourselves during the school year, so to walk in and see all the school aged kids was a bit of a shock.  And it was really, really loud in there.  

It's funny how no other fast food place compares to Chick Fil A.  They got our order almost completely wrong, and they offer too many choices, like what kind of bread, what kind of fries and what kind of sauce.  The sauce I can understand, but all the other ones make me crazy.  It's difficult to order there, so when the order comes out all wrong, it's kind of frustrating.  It's probably only difficult because our orders are always big.

First world problems, I know...moving on now.

The rest of our day was lovely!  We came home and chatted, Daddy took a nap on our new couches and I took a shameless selfie to win an Erin Condren life planner for next year.  

She is having an Instagram contest and I entered it.  Because I am obsessed with this planner!  I love it and how it makes my life so much simpler.  I even use it for homeschooling.  I will be getting another one, regardless of whether or not I win the contest.  I'll just use my birthday money to buy it.  :)

Anyway, I amused myself while Daddy napped.  

After he left, Toddley came home, then I left.  A sweet girlfriend and I went out to dinner, then on to see a friend from our Sunday school class who had surgery yesterday.  And can I just say that I don't miss being in the hospital?  

I came home and Graham and I ran to Kroger to buy this:

I might be slightly addicted to Nutella.  I usually eat it in small amounts, but when I pair it with vanilla ice cream, I use copious amounts.  I crave this stuff in the middle of the night.  It is that good.

The boys played Minecraft on the X-Box and I sat and watched and read.  I finished my book last night, the one I have been reading for weeks, it seems.  I was so glad to finally get to the end, because I had already picked out what I was reading next.

This lady is probably my favorite author.  She wrote my favorite series of books, The Yada Yada Prayer Group series.  This book is a continuation of those.  

Except for that when I started reading it, I started falling asleep.  

Oh, well.  There's always today, right?  ;) 

I am looking forward to this day, and spending it with the people I love most, minus the one at beach camp.  I hope yours is great!  Love to all.  

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