Monday, April 14, 2014


I was trying to find some pictures I had taken from this weekend, and would you believe that there were only three that I took??  I unlike me.  But when you don't really do much over the span of a weekend, you don't really have tons of pictures to take.  ;)

Friday night found us helping my sister Trish move.  It went really, really fast with the crew we had moving.  It was one of those (many) times that I was thankful for two things: one, that I have lots of boys (plus a friend that night) and two, that they are not afraid to throw themselves into some hard work.

After all the moving and some unpacking was done, we were on our way home and spotted this from Byhalia:

It doesn't take much to excite my kids...and this sign made us all so happy!  What a great use of open space on a building.

Saturday found us all spread out...Graham went to work, Todd had a sheriff's department event, and the rest of us stayed home.  I might have watched tv all day long.  (Parenthood, of course.)

My sister came over Saturday night to eat with us, then we just hung out until we were both about ready to crash.

Sunday found us at church, then we went to upgrade our phones!

I'm in love with my new phone.  I went with a totally different one that I had planned, but I could not be any happier.

We got to see Todd's parents, whom I dearly love.

I love messing with this precious man.  Don't I look beautifully attractive?!  ;)

Yesterday we ate lunch at Zaxby's and the kids asked Papa for a dollar to play the claw game.  Noah won this little stuffed animal, which he gave to me so I could sleep with it each night.  His words.

Sigh.  My boys are precious and they do a good job of making me feel treasured.

Happy Monday to you!  Love to all.

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