Monday, April 21, 2014

Resurrection Sunday

I have a good thing to day about Facebook!  I loved seeing all the beautiful pictures everyone posted of their kids yesterday, and I loved seeing my news feed lit up with talk of my Jesus!  Seriously, words cannot describe how much I loved it.  I was struck with one thought, though, and I only thought of it when my friend posted it as her status: I did not take one single picture of my kids in their bright cuteness.  Seriously, I was so intent on getting us all out the door at nine o'clock, with our good moods intact, that I did not even think about taking a picture.

Can you believe it?  I'm shocked at myself.

I will also say that yesterday was not my finest day.  I haven't felt real swift since Saturday night, and let's just say that I am ready for my surgery!  I know people are praying for me not to be nervous and all, and I am thankful, but it's like in order for me to not be nervous, I am going to have a really long and not fun week.  I think I'm okay with that, though...if that's what it takes for me to be ready to get this surgery behind me, I will be thankful.

"Rejoice in the Lord always...", says Philippians 4:4.

Other things happened last night that I won't mention, but let's just say that my husband is a patient man.  I warned him that my emotions may be all over the map this week, so this might be the longest week of his life, too!  God love might want to pray for him too!

Okay, well enough of all that kind of talk, and on to the fun day we had.  ;)  I do love church on Resurrection Sunday...I always love the music and seeing everyone in their Sunday best.  Our church has two services every year on this day, a nine fifteen and a ten forty-five service.  We always go to the earlier service.  There's a brunch in between, which we always go to as well.  We came home afterward and let the boys change, then we headed out to my mom's and step-dad's for lunch.

After a delicious (carb-filled) lunch, the boys hunted for eggs.

These are the eggs we dyed from Saturday.  Drew took this picture, so I borrowed it for the blog.  ;)  He likes when I draw attention to one of his hobbies.

There were bunches of eggs that Big Daddy hid!  I thought it was funny that when my sister Trish was here on Saturday, the boys sent her home with a huge amount of eggs to hide.  I guess you're never too old to hunt for eggs!

After all the eggs were found, Todd played Frisbee with the boys, while Noah counted all the change he found inside his eggs.  I think he went out and eventually played with them, but when I took this, he was pretty intent.

Two of my nephews were there, Tyler and Jaret, and when they left, the boys hitched a ride in the back of Tyler's truck.

It was a really great day.  We came home, and the boys gave the dogs a bath.  

They were playing some game that involved Drew squirting them with the water hose as they tried to make a basket in the goal.  Whatever it was that they were doing, they sure were having fun!  They were also thrilled to have their buddy Alex back.  He was gone all weekend.

I did end up taking the boys to a movie Saturday night~we went to see God's Not Dead, and a couple girls from church ended up going with us, one of which was Drew's friend-girl.  :)  It was an amazing movie!!  If you haven't seen it, GO!  And go before it leaves theaters~it's so important to see the wholesome movies in theaters, because it means they'll continue making quality movies that are similar.

Well.  Laundry is calling.  Enjoy your day!  Love to all.

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