Monday, March 31, 2014

(((crickets chirping)))

No title this morning.  I can't think of one and refuse to even waste the energy.

I know you will find this hard to believe, but I did not take one single picture all weekend.  Well, I took one last night, but I'm not counting that one, because it was a picture of my screen that was black and said "No photos found".  My phone's been acting weird, and Todd was trying to get it figured out yesterday, and in the process discovered that my sd card was bad.  Before he threw it away, he made sure to save all my photos to my phone, but when I tried to look at them, there were none to be found.

So, all 1,700 something of my pictures vanished.  It's really okay, though, since I post so often to social media.  I can save the image from there and print them if I need to do that.  Far worse things could happen, trust's just so weird going to my gallery and seeing it empty.

In other news, I had this feeling that Jonah was getting sick last night.  He was laying on the couch, under a blanket, freezing cold.  He went upstairs to take a bath and came back down for a few minutes, but he went to bed early and by himself.  When I went up thirty minutes later, he was snoring.  He never sleeps like that, and he never falls to sleep that fast.  He was complaining of a stomach ache, a headache and a sore throat.  He woke up this morning saying the same thing, but this time he had fever.  Poor little guy!

Graham took this picture Saturday night.  Crash sleeps with his "brothers" every single night, in fact, I think he anticipates bedtime each night.  The minute the boys go upstairs, he takes off after them, and usually stays there until he needs to go outside in the morning.  At that time, he'll jump in bed with Todd and me and he knows I'll get up shortly after.  I love this about him, and it's exactly what Todd wanted our boys to experience with our dogs.  :)

Jonah woke me up this morning, so we came down and I gave him some medicine.  Shortly after he took the medicine, I looked over and saw this:

Sweet boy.  He looks angelic in this picture, with his sweet little eyelashes against his cheeks.  I'm guessing he won't get much done today.  

That's one of the benefits of homeschooling, though.  If he starts to feel better, he can get some work done.  If not, he can catch up tomorrow.  I love being able to be flexible and not have to stress about whatever work he may have to make up.  

Aside from school stuff, my house desperately needs cleaning.  I'll be working on that today, along with the mountains of dirty laundry waiting in my laundry room.  I'm blessed to be able to stay home and do this, though.  I love getting to be a stay at home wife and mom.  I'm pretty sure it's what I was made for.  

Just a quick update on my sister Terri~today they are removing the ventilator!  Will you pray for her and for this procedure?  She continues to get better and better!  Thanks for helping us pray.  Love to all!

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