Monday, February 17, 2014


I love our weekends together at home.  I also love the fact that Valentine's day fell on a Friday this year.  It was the perfect night to make a delicious and special dinner for my family, whom God has so blessed me with.  What better way to celebrate this day, than with them?  I made steak and potatoes.  That's something everyone loves, and it's something we don't eat often.  The kids drank either Kool-Aid or sparkling grape juice out of wine glasses.  For dessert, I made individual molten lava cakes.  If you want the recipe for these, click here.  (Several people have asked me for it.)

Here's a picture of the one I chose:

Doesn't it look yummy?!

It was a great night, and a friend of the boys ended up coming over to spend the night after dinner.  (Because when you have steak and potatoes, there is NEVER any leftover to share.)

Saturday found us sleeping in and staying home until Noah's basketball game.  It's hard to believe that he plays his last game next weekend.  They are a great team and have won every game, except for one, and they only lost by two points.  :/

Saturday afternoon, Graham and Drew had something to do with their student council group, so after I dropped them off, Jonah, Noah, their friend Alex and I headed to my mom's for dinner.  I was passing by my sister's house, so I picked them up and we all rode out there together.  :)  I love spending time with them...we don't get much of that.

Sunday morning was church (!!!) and afterward the boys and I came back home.  Todd and Graham made a Costco run and they had to return Graham's new tennis shoes that broke the night before.  Drew had puppet practice and CAMO at church, Jonah and Noah had AWANA, and Graham and I had community group.  I also picked up a car load of girls to take with me, then I had to return them when it was all over.

Before we left the church that afternoon, I took this picture of the setting sun:

God's glory.  That's what I think of every single time I see a sunset or a sunrise.  How was your weekend?  I hope it was great!

Love to all.

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