Monday, February 10, 2014

weekend & D-NOW (#treasured2014)

This weekend kicked off with a visit to Pappaw's house.  His lake was frozen, and we went to go see it.

They were frozen when they got back in the car.

I love my dad's house.

It'll always be home.

We came home and did all our stuff, and then got packed up for the weekend.  We had to be at church at 4:30, and the festivities got started at seven.  The worship was amazing!  The girls that we teach get it, when it comes to worship.  They were all so free with their worship and uninhibited, that it brought tears to my eyes.  Multiple times.

After church, we had late night, then we went to our host home.

Here's all the girlies!


We had a group session, then they wanted to go to bed.  Scottie and I stayed up later than them, and kept a few of them up, I think.  Who doesn't love a good sleepover?!

Saturday dawned bright and early, with snow, and our plans were changed.  Instead of doing an inner-city mission project, we stayed local.  An event called The Amazing Race was moved up from 3 to noon, with our ministry projects in The Ville happening afterward.  For the race, we had to do all sorts of crazy things and post pictures to Instagram.

One girl, in particular, was very excited and dressed specially for the occasion.  ;)

We did crazy things, like get in a bathtub together and Saran Wrap people to telephone poles.

Scottie and I waited in our warm cars for some parts of the race.

We finished the race and set off to do our ministry projects.  We were assigned the task of visiting shut-ins.  We were able to visit with two different sets of people, an elderly couple and an elderly widow.

They were both precious, and we adopted Mr. Frank and Mrs. Audrey as our tenth grade grandparents.

Here's a picture of them with the girls, and a picture with Mr. Frank praying over them before we left.

Sweetest. Thing. Ever.

We headed back to the church for evening worship and then it was time to go back home.

Sunday morning found us back at church, sleepier than ever, but always ready to smile for the camera.

We named our group, We_Be_10g.  That was our Instagram name, so if you want to see more pictures, go there and follow us.  We'll keep adding pictures to the account, I'm sure.  After we all almost fell asleep multiple times during church, it was finally time to go home.

I slept for five hours after lunch, y'all.  I don't know when I was last that tired!  To top it off, I think I'm getting sick.  :(  It's all sinus-related, but still.  After I woke up and went and fetched all the boys from church (they have boundless energy), we came home to eat and watch the Olympics.

In front of a roaring fire.

Insert happy sigh here.  :)  It's always great to be home.  With the people I love most.

Love to all.

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