Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Guess what day it is?!

Yes, it is hump day, but it's also the day before our homeschool group meets.  I'm particularly excited about tomorrow, because we're finishing up our study on Ephesians (that part I'm sad about), and we will be talking all about spiritual warfare.  That is something that every single one of us struggles with, and I'm hoping our Bible study teacher will bring some things to light that will open my eyes more to warfare.  A large amount of what goes on in my head is warfare.  In 1 Peter 5:8, the Bible tells us that Satan is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour, and I'll be honest with you, I have felt like I have gone through some devouring at certain times in my life.

The enemy is very real, my friends, and it's important for us to know what he looks like when he attacks.  Because if you think he won't attack you in any way possible, you are mistaken.  If you struggle with depression, or being down in the dumps, do you think he's going to let that be all you struggle with?  Nope.  He's going to get further into the recesses of your mind, and he is going to start making you doubt your friendships, or your family relationships, or even your own sanity.  He is crafty, he is very intelligent and he is the prince of this world.  The Bible calls him that, in John 12:31.

Even as I was writing this post, I had this really strong urge to stop and pray for our group of precious moms tomorrow.  I know that the enemy will use any ploy he can to keep us away on Thursdays, including bad weather (Have you checked the forecast?!), and I am asking that the Lord keep any bad weather away until after we all arrive tomorrow morning.  I know that's a big request, but I serve a big and mighty God.  I know He is able!

Well...I almost feel like I should end this post there, but that's not really what I had intended to write about.  Maybe that was meant for someone tonight, and if so, I pray you find some encouragement from the word of God.  Nothing comforts me like His word.

Today was a good day.  I have this rule that starts first thing every morning, and that is a no-technology rule.  The boys can get carried away with it, and if they don't put it away first thing everyday, they might never.

They always keep them in the kitchen on silent, and I decided to take a picture of it this morning.

For lunch I made homemade macaroni and cheese.  Who eats sandwiches, when you're homeschooled?!  Unless they're some kind of special sandwich.  I snapped a picture of what it took to make lunch:

This lovely grater was my Valentine's day gift.  Some gals are wooed by jewelry or flowers, but not me!  (Although I do enjoy flowers on random days, ahem, Toddley, and he's good at giving them to me.)  I am wooed by practical gifts.  I had been wanting a better cheese grater for ages, and it's not necessarily something I would spend money on.  But as a gift?  Perfection!  This one has a grater, a smaller size grater, a slicer and a microplane zester.  Insert happy, contented sigh here.

I especially love this because I don't buy bagged grated cheese.  I grate my own and I have a home full of cheese-lovers, so you can understand how much cheese we can go through.

After lunch, in browsing the internet, I came across what I'm going to use for science next year for Jonah and Noah.  (Graham and Drew will be taking science~chemistry for Graham, biology for Drew~at our homeschool group on Thursday.)  I am so excited!  It's chemistry for middle-schoolers.  And it's free!

I took a picture of it, so I would remember.  I've also started a note on my phone for the curriculum I'll be using for them for the next school year.  I'm trying to be more on purpose right now, in order to save us money.  I feel like I'm always thinking ahead, but that's a good thing, right?

I came across a saying that I love today:

I wish words could explain how much I love this saying.  I love books.  I adore books!  And I own a lot of books.  A LOT.   I feel like you can't have too many, and I feel like the more you read, the more intelligent you will be, especially as an adult.  I'm always pushing the boys to read.  They don't always want to, and it's something they resist me on, but it's a subject that I always push back with.  They will be readers.  Even if it kills us all.  ;)

As I was making dinner in shifts tonight, at one point I was sitting at the kitchen table reading my chronological Bible, when I looked down and saw this.

They really do love one another, at least from time to time.  ;)  Every time I see them laying side by side like this, I start humming the song, Ebony and Ivory, by Stevie Wonder.  Remember that song?  And, you're welcome for that.  If you're like me, you'll be singing it for the rest of the night.

Today was a good day.  I think I already said that.  But it was.  I pray that you feel the same way about your day, and if you don't...well, may I encourage you?  Don't look to others to make your day~if your boss says something you don't like, or if someone hurts you, turn the other cheek.  Don't look to others.  Look to Jesus.  I know that days will be rough, but I know that the Lord has already gone before us.  He knows what we're up against each and every day, and if we walk each day with Him, having spent precious alone time with Him prior to getting the day started, I promise you this: your day will flow.  Words will roll off you.  You will smile freely.  You will see the goodness of God all around you.

If you don't believe me, try it tomorrow.  Put Him first when you wake up.  Before you turn on the tv or open up that laptop, spend time praying and reading His word.  One thing I like to do is read in Proverbs~whatever that date is, that is the chapter I will read.

Enjoy what's left of your night, my friends.  Love to all.

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