Wednesday, January 22, 2014

hump day

I can't say that without smiling.  I love that commercial with the camel.  :)  The past couple days have been really good for us, they've also been really cold, which we all know I love.  I love that on those days, we can stay snuggled up in our pajamas and bundled up under blankets.  Even the animals are more relaxed on these kinds of days.

Can you spot her?  Twinkles like to sleep on this bench because of its fabric.  She stayed in that position for at least two hours yesterday.  The dogs were snoozing away on their beds.  All was peaceful.

Graham and Jonah went to work with Todd's not all that often that they get to go with him because of what he does and where he goes, but yesterday was one day that it was okay.  They love doing this and it made for a quiet day for the rest of us.

I had to make a run to the grocery store for our dinner ingredients, then we went to my kids' favorite store.

Seriously, the employees are beginning to know who we are.  We're here at least twice every week.  I think they've been there four times since last dad is usually one of the ones they can butter up and sweet talk them into taking them.

We came home, and when I got the mail, I found this in our mailbox:

Are you kidding me?  My oldest son is only a freshman!  I am not anywhere near ready to start thinking about colleges and what will come after high school.

Today we hit the books for a while, then left to do something fun.  It's been ages since we've done anything with our friends from our homeschool group, and Drew planned a social for the middle school aged generation student council kids.

To say they were excited is putting it mildly.  Jonah and Noah have been here before for a birthday party, but this was Graham's and Drew's first time.

Gosh, I love these boys.  They were grinning like the cheshire cat.  They proceeded to jump for a full ninety minutes with only one injury, and that happened to Jonah.  He rolled his ankle.  Did you know that when the employees here see a kid crying, they come running with ice and give them free Gatorade?  They do.  Then the lady had Jonah fill out an accident report.  You should have seen the look on his face when she told him that he had to do it, in his own words.

If looks could kill...

This child of mine hates to write.

I don't even know how he's related to me.

Anyway, we came home afterward and I'm pretty sure two of them had a nap.  Three of them went straight to their bedroom and just chilled on their beds.  (I love that.)  The other one laid on the couch with his ankle propped up.

Forgive me for back tracking, but I really don't want to go backwards with this post, so...

Before we left today, we were telling Crash that he couldn't go with us, it was too cold, and that he had to stay here in his kennel.  He did not like what he heard, and tried to get us to change our minds by jumping up onto somewhere he's not supposed to be and looking all cute and innocent.

I totally give him an A for effort, by the way.  I told you, this dog thinks he is human.  I'm certain that he was trying to reason with us!  And I would have taken him with us just so he could hang out in the car, but it was too cold.  Poor little thing.

I have one more picture, and this one is from yesterday.  Lately, we have noticed that the boys haven't been shutting our doors.  We'll go into our laundry room to find an open back door, and the room will be freezing.  Drew left the door open yesterday, for a full half hour.  As his punishment, he had to open and shut the door properly thirty times and he had to unload the dishwasher by himself, and put up all the clean dishes.  He was kinda pouty about it, too.  Usually they do that chore together.

When I came in the living room to straighten up in here before dinner, this was what was waiting on me in my seat:

He had folded all the blankets and straightened all the couch pillows, too.  God love him.  I love my boys.  God has truly blessed me in them, and they keep me laughing.  Sometimes they keep me crying, but mostly, it's laughter.  And that is good for my soul and makes our home a happy home.  Because when mama is happy, everybody is happy.

Love to all.

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