Sunday, November 17, 2013

week at a glance

Our week started off with us celebrating Veteran's day.  We went downtown with my dad and my sister Tricia.  We also took Jonah's and Noah's friend and our neighbor, Alex.  

It was beautiful outside!  The parade didn't last as long as it has in years past, so we went to the Amtrak station and then to lunch at The Arcade.

After lunch we rode the trolley around downtown...always a favorite thing to do for us!

Tuesday was so cold, that most of us stayed in our pajama's all day.  At one point in the day, Graham noticed something on his bank account online that didn't add he called them and they explained it to him.  I'm so thankful for nice people like the lady who helped him understand.  I thought it was neat that he did that and documented it by taking this picture:

Wednesday was a long day of school for us~we were getting caught back up and they worked really long and hard.  That afternoon, when all the work was completed, they rewarded themselves by spending an hour doing this:

This trampoline officially bit the dust over the weekend.  A brand new one is on the way!  We had to bite the bullet and get one ordered~in the colder months, this is what my kids do outside.  Not just my kids, but also the neighbor kids.  When they found out a new one was on its way, they all cheered.  ;)

I'll explain here that it was a strange week for me~my hormones are all over the place because of what my doctor has me taking and I've been super impatient and kinda mean.  :(  That's partly why I stayed off all forms of social media all week~I uploaded some pictures to Instagram, but other than that, that was all I did.  I kinda felt like I was having to work through some things.  

On Wednesday afternoon when I went to check the mail, I got this from a sweet friend I graduated high school with, and it totally brightened my day.

My week did end up getting better, too...I realized that I have to just pray my way through these crazy mood swings...otherwise I will be biting everyone's head off until I'm off all this medicine.  The Lord led me to some really great Bible verses during these tougher days, and I wrote a LOT in my journal.  I figured that was safer than getting on social media!

We had our homeschool group on Thursday, and on Friday, we spent the afternoon with my Dad.  

Crash was keeping him warm.  ;)

Friday night found us with just two kiddos~Graham and Drew went to see Thor with some friends, so Todd, Jonah, Noah and I went to Starbucks and Harbor Freight.  Woohoo!  

My drink was delicious~I ordered Butter Beer from kinda tastes like butterscotch.  So yummy!

This store is my husband's dream:

It was an eventful night, in more ways than one.

Saturday found us split up again~Graham worked, Drew had a social thing with the middle schoolers from our homeschool group, so he stayed home with me.  Todd and the younger boys went with our neighbors to cut up a fallen tree for firewood.  

I'm so excited we have all this wood for fires this winter!  What I'm not excited about is what Todd and Noah have all over their arms: they either got into something poison, or they have ring worm, which is not actually a worm but a fungal thing.  They're going to the doctor tomorrow.  They've been taking Benadryl all day, and Todd has slept all day because of that.  

So that's our week in pictures.  Hopefully I'll write more this week, but if not, I hope yours is great.  Love to all!

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