Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I'm grateful for my helpful kids with their willing spirits.  They're not perfect, and there are times when they consider everything a competition, but when something needs to be done, they jump in and do it.  Especially if I'm not feeling good.  

This afternoon, Jonah wanted to help me cook dinner.  I was trying out a new recipe for baked homemade macaroni and cheese, and he did all the work.  I grated the cheese, and he measured out all the ingredients, made the roux for the cheese sauce and whisked it all together for five minutes.  

It was so good, and he was proud of himself for how yummy it turned out.  That, along with the French onion soup was a perfect dinner for this cold night.

I'm so thankful that we got our new oven in today!  I love it already, and I've used it four times already.  Twice for the stovetop and twice for the oven part.  

Isn't it pretty?!  And yes, that is what we had for lunch!  I'm telling you, it's my kids' favorite thing on earth.  

I'm thankful that today I didn't have to take quite as much medicine.  I took a muscle relaxer before bed last night and it knocked me out.  I don't think I've slept that good in months.  I didn't wake up at all in the night, for the first time in ten days.  I plan on taking another one tonight, for a repeat of last night and today, hopefully!

I'm so thankful for my family, who has not asked me to bring one little thing for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.  They're pretty awesome that way.

I'm thankful for my second teen-aged son who would not let me get out of my car to pump gas tonight.

He never gets the chance because Graham always wants to do it, but tonight it was just Drew and me.  :)  Sweet boy.  He was wearing my bright purple gloves and looked pretty cute standing out there in the cold.  

I'm thankful for a husband who does tons of little things to save me from getting out~going to pick up our countless prescriptions, putting gas in my car~little things like that are huge things to me.  I'm thankful that he loves me through the good times and through the bad times.  He's very patient, God love him.

I'm thankful that, thanks to my great kids, my house is clean and sparkly tonight.  They dusted, straightened, put things away, vacuumed and cleaned the tops of everything in this house today.  This helps us be ready for Friday, the day we decorate our house for Christmas.  If everything is already clean, that's one less thing for us to do that day.  

I'm thankful for our health, our family, our friends, our home, our cars, our furry kids, but mostly I am thankful for God, Who gave me eternal life the day He was crucified on the cross.  

If I don't write tomorrow, I pray you all have a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving.  Take some time and thank the Author and Creator of life.  All these wonderful things I mentioned are all gifts from Him.  

Love to all.  

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