Wednesday, November 20, 2013

just some things

I thought I would share a picture of my kids on the new toy:

Don't you love the look my man is rocking?  Long sleeve tee, scrub pants and boots.  ;)  I told him he should wear that every day.

I tried to remove the Facebook app from my phone last night, but apparently it's a built-in app.  It only gave me the option to uninstall updates.  Hmm.  I feel like I need to get rid of it for a while, but since I couldn't really figure out how to uninstall it, I'm going to hide it from my main phone screen.  Yes, it's bugging me again.  I cannot take all the bragging!  Maybe some people don't realize they're doing that, but that's how I'm taking it.  Or maybe it's just my bad mood...either way, I feel the need to at least hide the app.

Speaking of my bad mood, I am going to a new doctor tomorrow!  This morning I prayed for wisdom on how to handle talking to the nurse today.  I've never been in a situation that I couldn't trust my doctor, and as much as I love her, that's kinda how I feel~that I can't trust her judgment.  I'm extremely frustrated over my problems, and that I haven't just had any kind of procedure done already.  I have friends who haven't suffered as long as I have (since June 30), who have already had a hysterectomy!  And here I am...still having problems, with no possible date of surgery in sight.

Please don't think I love the thought of surgery...I don't and it scares me.  I'm just so tired of being this way and frustrated at my doctor, whom I normally love.

Anyway, God heard my prayers this morning~He took the situation right out of my own hands.  Before I could even get around to asking the nurse what I had planned on asking, she suggested the name of another doctor.  It's still a doctor in their practice, but it's a new one to me.  So tomorrow at two o'clock, I am seeing a new doctor.  Praise God!  If you want to know what you can do, you can pray!  Pray as God leads~first and foremost, but also will you pray that she just hears me?  I feel like I'm not being heard, and that is extremely frustrating.

My oven repair guy came this morning~they're having to order the part, but hopefully it'll be here tomorrow or Friday.  The older gentleman just so happened to look exactly like Mountain Man from Duck Dynasty!  Even Noah thought so~he was sitting at the table doing school work and got up to go tell that to his brothers.  I couldn't help myself and kept staring at the man.  Ha!

Well...laundry is calling me.  I'm taking it easy today (doctor's orders, woohoo!) and the kids are wrapping up their school work.  I hope your day is great.  Love to all!


Todd Goodwin said...

I love you baby!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Wow! Comment love~and the best kind, coming from my favorite man! Well, one of two. ;) I love you, too!

Phyllis said...

Yes, I love Todd's look. I'm ok with your fb thing because I don't write a whole lot on there anyway, I use it mostly to keep up with extended family and old friends. Which I learned on fb yesterday, or the day before that my cousin Freeda is in critical condition and may not make it this time. Please pray for her family. She was like my little sister growing up. I can always text, email or call you so I'm good!!! I woke up this morning praying for your appointment today! WHATEVER YOU DO PLEASE DON'T STOP YOUR BLOGS!!!!! Also, I guess I will have to go to Instagram to see all of your great pictures! Bunches of love!!!!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

That is terrible about Freeda! I will be praying for her, thanks for letting me know. I promise to not ever stop the blogs. It's the one place I feel that I can write's not as "social" as FB. I love you too! Thank you for praying, I am at perfect peace. I'm actually really excited about this new appointment and a possible solution!

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