Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Fun

Typically on Thursday's, we go to the weekly meeting of our homeschool group.  Today was our week off, though, to take time to enjoy a "Fall break" if we so chose.  While we enjoyed a day at home, we still had school.  (Their teacher is such a meanie.)  ;)  Well, we kinda had school.  Graham and Jonah went to work with Todd, and Graham took his school work with him.  Jonah worked way ahead on Monday and Monday night, so he didn't take any with him.

I am so proud to say that Noah is finished for the week.  Except for the two tests he's taking tomorrow, but those will take around ten minutes each.  Jonah needs to finish a couple subjects, as do Graham and Drew, but my little No-No is done.  (This is not usually the case.)

I woke up thinking about something this morning, probably because of all the report card posts I'm seeing on Facebook, and that is the fact that while Drew was in public school, he hated math and usually managed to bring home C's or low B's at the best.  Since we've started our new math curriculum this year, math has become his favorite subject and the lowest grade he's received has been a 95%.  Funny how that works, huh?

I was told tonight that my mom-in-love prays just that for all seven of her grandsons~that their homeschool grades far exceed their public school grades.  Phyllis, if I didn't tell you tonight, thank you for praying that.  Thank you for praying for them so faithfully, period.  And for us...for me.  I love you.

So speaking of report cards and Facebook posts, I will take a moment to tell you that my kiddos are excelling in school this year.  Drew's lowest grade is a 95%, Graham's lowest grade is a 90% and Jonah and Noah have each made an 80% in reading...but on their actual test grades a B is the lowest they've gotten.  (The 80%'s that Jonah and Noah made were part of "home" work, not an actual test or quiz.)

Isn't that awesome?  I'm so proud of them...and they're learning so much this year.  Drew learned something in science today that amazed me...I would tell you if I could remember, but obviously I cannot.  ;)  Almost every single day I am told, "Mom, I love homeschooling.", or "Thank you for homeschooling us, Mom."


I thought I would share some pictures from our day:

I let Drew and Noah have a late start on school today.  While they were upstairs playing, I finished the entire first week of our study on Ephesians in my homeschool group's Bible study.  It is so good!  I love Ephesians and marked up all the pages that went along with this week's lesson.

While eating lunch today, we were all cracking up at something that Noah was doing or saying...I wish this picture had better captured his adorable face.  He was laughing so hard that I think tears fell at one point...I love hearing my kids laugh like that.

At two o'clock we packed up Crash and left home to head to my in-love's house for dinner.  Phyllis wasn't at home yet, and Graham and Jonah were waiting for us at her house, so we picked them up at went to a park nearby their house.  The weather today was gorgeous, as was the sky, and know my love of sky pictures.

When we got back to the in-love's house, all the boys took Crash outside...I love this picture of Drew and the dog just chillin'.  This is also the only furniture Mimi will let Crash sit on.

We enjoyed a yummy dinner of salad, bread and lasagna and afterward Jonah said, "Man, I wish we had a Costco cake."  So what did my mom-in-love do?  Get up, drive to Costco and buy him a cake.  I laughed because of the pumpkin and "happy birthday"...but Jonah might have just died and gone to heaven.  He LOVES their cakes.

It was a wonderful day for was yours?  (I got good news from my doctor~the results of the biopsy she took came back benign, with no pre-cancerous cells~praise God for that!  Thanks again, to all of you who were praying for me.  God has blessed me with such amazing family and friends...I've spent a good portion of this week crying over everyone's generosity and kindness.)

Love to all.

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