Tuesday, October 22, 2013

nothing but lazy

That's how my day has been.  ;)  It's also been Heavenly!  The reason it's been lazy is because the issues I was having last week have returned.  I thought I would be spending my day today in the doctor's office, but she was off.  Go figure.  So, last night after Bible study, we decided that instead of my mom-in-love coming here in the morning and going back into Cordova where she lives, it would be easier to just have all the boys go spend the night.  When I found out my doctor was off today, I offered to go get the boys, but they decided they wanted to stay another night.

That means that I have spent my day doing absolutely nothing.  Well, I did read my Bible and shower and do laundry and dishes, but other than that, I have sat in my chair all day and watched marathon episodes of all my favorite shows on the t.v.  I never do this, and I have enjoyed every single second!

I am going to the doctor tomorrow afternoon at one thirty.  I called her nurse, and we decided I need to come back in right away.  I have no idea what's going to happen, but please pray for my doctor to have Godly wisdom.  (She offered one band-aid type option to me last week, and I didn't like that, meaning that what she offered will not fix my problem, except for temporarily.  I am looking for permanent, as in for the rest of my life.)  The good news is that I feel fine.

Back to my day alone, I removed my nail polish and am about to re-do my nails.  No matter what happens tomorrow, at least my nails will look good!  ;)  I also tried parting my hair on the opposite side and took a picture of it to see what it looked like.

Even though it felt really weird, I thought it looked better than I expected.  (My hair is getting kinda thin on one side, so I need to start parting it differently.)

Oh, and Crash kept me company all day.  He has slept all day, either on his bed or on the couch or with me, at one point.

Exciting stuff, huh?  Well...time to go select that nail color.  ;)  Thanks for reading and for praying (again)!  Love to all.


3jays said...

Hey, you were on my mind yesterday. I tried to call you. I'm praying for you.

Jennifer Goodwin said...

I saw that...I meant to call you back. :( Sorry! My mind's been preoccupied lately! Thank you for praying!!

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