Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I started a post on Sunday and never hit "publish".  I finally deleted it.  That happens sometimes, although this time, I wasn't "venting" about Facebook, so I don't know why I never could finish the writing part.  Usually if I have something not so nice to say, I never can seem to make myself hit that "publish" button.  I'll start again, with new things to say this time.  ;)

Yesterday was one of those fabulous kind of days in our world of homeschooling.  As a homeschooling mom, I've learned that you have three kinds of days: (1) the normal kind of day, when everyone does only what you tell them to do and nothing more or less; (2) the fabulous kind of day, when everyone goes way above and beyond your expectations of them and everything just flows along very smoothly; and (3) the very bad kind of day, when everyone fights, work doesn't get finished and tears end up falling.  For them and for me.

Just keepin' it real.

Yesterday went so great that I decided to take pictures for proof and as future encouragement for myself.

If you're wondering how a fabulous kind of day goes, it goes something like this:

(1) I get up early and work on their lesson plan for this week.  (I struggle with being motivated to stay ahead.)
(2) They eat breakfast, brush their teeth and make their beds, get dressed and come downstairs and we start.
(3) I tell them that everything on their list is the stuff due this week, whether it be actual assignments, projects or the taking of quizzes and tests and I allow them to work at their own pace, going as fast or as slow as they wish.
(4) They get to work and work way ahead so they can have easier days the rest of the week.  In the case of yesterday, they worked very diligently from 9:00 to 2:00, only stopping for about fifteen minutes for lunch.  I know, those of you with kids in school, that doesn't seem like very long, but when you homeschool and take away all the time allotted for bathroom breaks, lunch, walking to and from classes and explaining of things, our normal day is usually 3~4 hours long.
(5) They don't argue and they actually help one another with their work.

I was proud of them.

While they worked, I cleaned, did laundry and put out all of our Fall decorations.  Once Fall comes, one thing I have down the last couple of years is taking advantage of the Fall candles I so love.  I think I got this idea from Courtney, at Women Living Well.  There is something about a candle being lit and music playing softly in the background that makes for such a peaceful day.  So while the boys work, our candles are lit and K-Love is playing on my kitchen radio.

I must stop here and tell you how thankful I am for my mom.  As I was placing all of our decorations yesterday, I realized that almost everything I was putting out was something that she has given me over the years.  Some of it was stuff she just didn't use anymore, some of it was from the shops she's worked at over the years that they were trying to get rid of quickly.  One thing (among many) that I love about my mom is her generosity.  She loves to help people have beautiful homes; in fact, she is gifted in that area.  My home is proof of that, as lots of things come from her!  So, Mom, thank you!  I love you and appreciate you so much.  :)

The one down side to my day is that it was one o'clock before I got out of my pajama's.  I was forced to, because as soon as they were done, we had errands to run.  That's not a bad thing, though~that being in my pj's for so long.  Some days just call for it.  ;)  As soon as they were finished with their work and I was dressed, we hit the road to run some errands.  We had to go to the library, to pay our water bill, to Chick Fil A so Graham could get his schedule and finally, to Kroger.

At one point, while Graham was in the library, I caught Drew doing this:

He said, "I have such beautiful feet."  In all sincerity.  Sometimes he cracks me up...sometimes I wonder where in the world we went wrong.  ;)  (I don't really think that.)  He is definitely confident in himself.

I have come to love Monday nights, because this is the night some sweet ladies come and gather in my home for Bible study.  We're doing Beth Moore's David: Seeking A Heart Like His.  It is so amazing!  At one point in doing my homework yesterday, I was weeping onto the pages of my workbook.  It was a good kind of cry, of course, but sometimes I cannot help from being so choked up over the Lord and His goodness.

And the more I study His word, the more deeply I fall in love with Him.

I love the sweet ladies that come each week~we've kind of dwindled down to the same six or seven each week, but that's normal and perfectly fine.  God makes sure that the right lady makes it every single week.  I love Bible study, and I love these precious friends.  They bless me more than I can possibly explain.

Well, I must get a start on my day.  I pray your day is wonderful.  Love to all.


TJohnston said...

I enjoy reading your post. Today especially, reminding me how blessed I am to a homeschool mom.
Love the picture of the feet (feet are a cool thing:)... I thought I recognize my house in the background. Stop by any time:)

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Thank you!! I am so thankful for that, too, Barbara. I will! We were on a mission yesterday, to hurry up and get back home. Hope you've enjoyed your day!

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