Saturday, September 21, 2013

things I love

I love...

~getting up early, probably because on most mornings, I don't have to.

~the quiet that comes with this~it never lasts for long, but this morning it is.  (I've been up since five.)

~that first sip of my morning coffee.

~Seattle's Best #5 coffee.  It's stronger and richer and darker than all the other numbers.

~our church.  It's taken me a long time to be able to say that, but since about February, we have all felt this way.  Leaving F/A was one of the harder things I've ever had to do in my life because I loved the people so much.  And the music.  It was amazing.  But coming to Collierville First Baptist Church was one of the greatest things we've ever done as a family.  I know it was God's will for us to do this, and in the two and a half years since, He has blessed us richly with new friends that we've made since being there.  Changing churches is STRESSFUL!  You never realize how much so, until you take the leap of faith required to do it.

~teenagers.  Particularly ninth and tenth grade girls.  (And my teen~aged sons, of course.)  I feel so blessed to be even the tiniest bit involved with these precious girls...and every Sunday morning I get to help out with the tenth grade girls Bible Fellowship Class, and every Sunday night I get to hang out with the ninth grade girls at small group.  Who knew that they would wind up blessing me so much?  They do, though...I love witnessing their personalities and all the little amazing things they do, like reaching out to the new girl, or sharing their love of Jesus with their friends in high school.  I'm telling you, they are pretty amazing.  Here's a picture my friend Abbey took yesterday of us at McAlister's.  We met the tenth grade girls for lunch...the other adults in the pic are Abbey (with the long hair) and Scottie (in the yellow).  I heart them.

These aren't quite all of them, but here are the ones who were able to come.  :)

~Saturday's~although today is a busy one.  I mentioned that I've been up since five.  Let me break down my morning for you: I woke up at five so I could be alert enough to drive my car.  It took two cups of coffee to accomplish that.  I left at 5:45 and drove to our church to pick up Drew, who spent the night there at a lock-in.  He came home, went to bed and woke up Graham.  I made Graham breakfast and coffee and dropped him off at work at 6:55.  I then went to Wal-Mart.  Seriously, I was in and out of there by 7:20.  OH!  And I finished my book in between driving my kids.  I have to wake Drew up at 11:30 so he can shower and get dressed for his junior high social at 12:30 with our homeschool group's student council.  He's the social coordinator and has to be there, otherwise after last night I would tell him he could skip it.

~friends.  Some sweet friends invited us over to their house last night for dinner.  We couldn't stay long, but the time we had was sweet.

~country music videos.  It's my Saturday morning indulgence.  Currently playing: Keith Urban's Little Bit of Everything.

I could go on, but for now, I will stop.  Happy Saturday, my friends.  Are you still out there?  Other than the three I mentioned in a previous post?  If you are, share the love and leave a comment...I'd love to hear what you love.  ;)

Love to all!


3jays said...

So very sweet!! Finding a church can be stressful!! I miss see y'all. We need to do lunch or something soon.

Jennifer Goodwin said...

It really can be, Esther~I'm glad we're no longer going through that turmoil! ;) I miss seeing you, too...we were at the Endraske's house last night and we were just talking about you...I said this very thing to Kim. There are several sweet mama's who didn't make it back this year, and I miss all of you! We do need to get together! I would love that!

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