Monday, September 16, 2013

Friday~Day Time

We left our condo on this morning and  headed into Triangle, Virginia.  This was the home we enjoyed for the first part of our trip.

The boys loved this place~and the pool, of course.

Triangle, Virginia was the city that Todd's cousin was having her retirement ceremony.  It took place at the National Museum of the Marine was really cool.  I'm so thankful for the opportunity we had to attend this ceremony!  I got a little choked up several times.  Imagine that.  Below is a picture of what the outside looked like.

I took a picture of this quote above for my dad, who was a hospital corpsman in the Korean War.

As we were about to leave, an elderly gentleman came over to sit and tie his shoe.  His friend spotted my boys and said that he should get one of them to do it for him.  Graham offered to do this for him, even at the man's refusal.  I happened to catch it on camera:

Turns out this precious man was in Vietnam as a Marine.  He's around the same age as my dad.  Afterward, I asked if I could take their picture.

And if this is blurry, it's because I had tears in my eyes when I took the photo and couldn't see all that well.

It was a really neat experience, seeing Katisha retire from her twenty years of service in the United States Army.  She retired as CW3, which is a Chief Warrant Officer 3.  This also just happened to be the first time that I ever met her.  Here she is below, with the boys and my in-love's.

What an honor to attend her special day this was for all of us.  I'll write more about the second part of this same day later.  Laundry is calling my name...and I have tons of stuff to do this morning.  Love to all!

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