Sunday, August 25, 2013

weekend happenings

I'm actually starting with Thursday, not Friday.  :)

My hubby got home from work early on this day and look what he did!  I know you can't tell, but this tree in our back yard is very tall, and he had extended his tall ladder as far as it would go, to be able to climb up and trim this tree.

Our trees look so much better now that they're all trimmed.

Two nights before this he had an emergency call out with the sheriff's department.  Two guys went missing out in Shelby Forest and they walked for HOURS in a swamp in the middle of the woods.  His work boots are ruined, he ached from head to toe, and...

 ...he was eaten up by chiggers.  Here he is painting the dots on his legs.  ;)  Perhaps this is the reason why he hates for me to take his picture.

We had lunch with my Dad on Friday and Friday night we cooked out with our neighbors.  I hung out with this cutie:

He's getting so big, that precious Caleb.

Saturday I took Graham to work at the crack of dawn, then came home and did laundry.  I was very lazy for the rest of the day and just sat.  And read...I did read some.  (I'm having a book crisis right now and do not love what I'm reading.  But that's a whole other blog post.)

Oh!  I did make a delicious dinner for us last night since Nana and Big Daddy weren't here, and we enjoyed that.  After dinner, Todd rode with the sheriff's department.  Graham met some kids from our homeschool group at Starbucks, and Drew, Jonah, Noah and I hung around Target.

They picked out some new Hot Wheels.  :)  Are you ever too old for that?!

And, I finally found Drew a big enough eating utensil.  Crazy kid.

Today was church~and tonight was a church function at the local park called Picnic In The Park.  It was so much was consumed, games were played, pastors were dunked in the dunk tank, good times were had.  I love our church.  Have I mentioned that lately?

This next picture is just for fun~I was in the car, trying to untangle my hair and realized that my fingers wouldn't go through it.  I posted this Instagram.  It looked like a rats nest at the time I took's kinda hard to tell here, but it is a mess of ringlets in tangles.  Seriously, what am I?  Four?

Well, that's what we did.  How was your weekend?  Love to all!

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