Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tuesday night fun

Yesterday was a looooonnnnng day for me.  I was so glad to get away from our house last night, and a baseball game is a fun thing to do on a night out.  The weather wasn't quite as nice as the last time we went, but I never actually broke a sweat.  I only came close a couple times.  ;)  We went with my in-love's and our girl's ministry leader from church, Erin.  It was her first Redbird's game.

Every time we go downtown, I am reminded of how much I love our skyline.

Well, this street's skyline.  This is my favorite street in the downtown area...I love all the cute little shops and restaurants.

We were stuck behind this trolley for a while.

We had fun at the game~I love to people watch, and I got to do lots of that last night.  I can't tell you the score, but I know the Redbird's won.  Graham and Drew had said that when we went, they were going to try and get a player to give their hat to them.  Well, guess who got hats?

All of them!  A couple of them even got autographs.  We were able to enjoy the beautiful moon on the way home.  I took a picture from my phone, zoomed in of course, and this is how it turned out:

Pretty cool, huh?  I hope your day was great!  Love to all.

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