Friday, August 9, 2013

this week in pictures

While everyone else headed back to school this week, we had a relaxing week at home.  It was nice...I've been able to catch up on laundry and house work.  It feels nice to stay on top of those things for once.  This summer was so busy with kids having plans and me driving them from here to there, that I let certain things get way out of hand.

Here are some pictures from our week:

Graham got a job!  If you're in his cell phone contacts, chances are, you already know this.  ;)  He is Chick Fil A's newest employee.  I don't know when he'll start.  The manager will call either him or me to let us know when his orientation and training will begin.  I hope it's soon for his sake!  He's ready to get started.

He will not work anymore than 18 hours each week because of his age, by the way.  For all you nay-sayer's, hopefully that'll reassure you.  We are so proud of him, though, that he wanted to do this.  We never asked him to, he came up with it all by himself.  Todd set up a checking account for him last night over the computer.  His debit card should arrive sometime early next week.  Along with depositing each paycheck, he also has plans to put at least $10 from each paycheck into a separate savings account.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for his life~the possibilities are endless!

Wednesday, after Graham's interview, he and Drew went to our church to hang out with one of our youth pastor's, A.J.  They also had breakfast with A.J. before Graham's interview~in fact, he was the first one Graham told about getting the job.  He hung out with Drew during the interview and wanted to wait to hear something about how it went before he left.  So sweet!

Jonah, Noah and I went to the church at one.  My friend Barbara sent me a text saying that they were going to the gym there, and asked us to come.  They've been wanting to do this, so we left almost right away.  We did this again yesterday afternoon (Thursday), then ended at her house afterward.  While at the gym, they played basketball and kickball.  Barbara has two sons~Jacob is one year younger than Jonah and Noah, and Sam is one year older than Graham, so they all get along really well.

We've done some painting this week.  Currently my dining room table is a train wreck with all our canvases and paints and brushes spread all over the place.  And yes, my house does stay messy sometimes.  ;)  Is this owl not precious?  Drew did this for me.

These are the faces of some very sad boys.  They are sad that our children's pastor's intern (one of them) is leaving tomorrow to go back to college.  We came to know and love Sarah Biggs this summer.  She quickly became one of my most favorite people ever; her joy and laughter is contagious.  These kiddos gave their hearts away to her, too, and they are truly sad to see her leave.  The good thing is that she will only have classes Tuesday-Thursday, so hopefully she'll come home often for long weekends.  This is her last year, and I pray it's a great one for her.

In other happenings, we have had boy drama this week.  I won't go into details on here, but apparently girls are NOT the only ones who can create drama.  I hate drama~have I mentioned that?  I encourage my boys to stay as far away from drama as possible, and they do for the most part.

Overall, it's been a pretty nice week.  We'll be seeing my dad today and my mom and step-dad tomorrow night.  I hope your week has been good!  Love to all.

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