Saturday, August 31, 2013


It's been a lazy kind of day.  Todd was out of town last night, so this morning I took Graham to work.  We left at 6:50, for him to be able to work from 7 until 2.  I came home and caught up on the (what seems like) hundreds of episodes of The Pioneer Woman that I had recorded.

I almost fell back to sleep a couple times, but Jonah and Noah ended up waking up and occupying me.  ;)

I had to pick Drew up from a friends house, then we came home for a bit, then I had to take him back to another friend's for a Band of Brothers thing with some kids from church.  In between running him back and forth from one place to another, I did part of my Bible study homework.  Then I could no longer stand the color on my toes, so I was forced to take off that polish and repaint them, and my nails, since they've been naked the past few days.


So I guess it hasn't been the laziest of just kinda feels like it.  Toddley made it back home safely, and from about one o'clock until way past my bedtime tonight, our television is and will be tuned into a football game.  Currently, the Alabama/Virginia Tech game is on, the Chick Fil A bowl.  It's weird watching this with Graham, since he is now an employee of that company.

Do you know that the first day of college football is its own separate holiday?!  It is.  At least in the South.  And definitely in our house.  I asked Todd if this is what we'd be watching all day, and he said yes, until past the time when I'll hit the sack.  He and the boys have been counting down the minutes for at least three months now...and I can almost hear the collective sigh of contentment now that it's (FINALLY!) back on.

These are the things I love...all my people under one roof (well, almost...Noah's next door swimming, but he's basically here), a Saturday when we have nothing else to do all day long, a day when we'll sit in front of the t.v. and cheer (or yell), and when I will read and finish a book.  This is a good day.  Our dinner is already in the making~thanks to Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman!  Patty melts with hot crash potatoes (look it up on her website), French onion dip and ice cream for dessert~a meal that can be consumed in the living room, while the game plays on.

Can you hear my sigh of pleasure?

I love it.  I promise to never take one single moment for granted.  For these things and too many other to name, I am so thankful.  Love to all.

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