Thursday, August 22, 2013

fun facts

I don't know how I ever did school five mornings a week with four kids.  Our one day a week school is almost overwhelming, I have so much to remember.  I'm thankful.

Todd weeded through my nail polish last night, trying to pick the perfect color.

For his legs, that is.  Or, more accurately, his chigger bites.

I hate flat bill hats.  That is all.

I love my nail polish color that I'm currently wearing~Jade Is The New Black.  It's emerald green.

My kids have been playing the same game of monopoly since Monday afternoon.  My dining room has been taken over.

I feel smarter since I've been studying Leviticus.  And, my brain hurts from studying Leviticus.

Sweeping my living room floor brings me such joy.  I love seeing all the dust and dog hair fly out the back door when I sweep it out.  :)

I doodle.

I sometimes procrastinate.

I have issues that Bible study brings out of the woodwork.  Isn't that funny, how that works?  How timely.  A God thing, indeed.

My kids are addicted to wraps.  (Sandwiches.)

I was told on Monday by a Costco employee that I had a cheerleader smile.  He then proceeded to tell me, "Let's get fired up."  To which I replied, "Thanks?  I think?"


I must go.  Love to all!

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