Wednesday, July 10, 2013

wacky Wednesday

I thought it would be fun to share some wacky things that I might or might not do.  ;)  I've often said my brain works in weird ways, and the below statements are proof.

*I like to paint my fingernails often.  And my toes, but that's just a given, being that I'm Southern girl.  I either always have to have the colors on my hands and feet match, or I have to have my fingernails lighter than what's on my toes.  And the colors have to be coordinating.  (Don't judge.)  And if the color on my toes gets chipped in the slightest, that's almost worse than them being naked.

*I make deals with myself.  Like when I drink something that's not water during the day time, I have to make sure I drink at least one huge glass of water to flush the non-water drink out.

*I also make deals with myself about how much time I waste sitting.  I only allow myself lazy time after all the laundry has been done and the house has been cleaned (or at least straightened up), like right now.  I've folded the laundry and put it all away, I've gotten dressed, we've eaten lunch and I've cleaned the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher.  And in the morning, during our non-school time, I don't let myself sit past ten or ten-thirty.  Usually I wake up and have my quiet time, and if we don't have anything going on, I love to sit and watch The Today Show.  However, that really happens.

*I rarely turn the television on in the daytime hours.  It doesn't get turned on at all at that time during our school year, but in the Summer months, I will on occasion.  Take this moment, for instance.  I'm listening to K-Love from the kitchen radio while I sit and type this from my chair in our living room.

*I do NOT love poor time management and am always running our schedule through my brain.  For instance, just now Drew called and asked if we could give one of his friends a ride to and from church tonight.  I hesitated at first, because I was trying to run through and think about when we had to leave to pick up Graham from Mimi's house, and when we had to leave to be at church by six.  (I decided that the times were too close to overlapping, so he's coming home with Drew.  They're at the park together now.)

*I can't stand an un-made bed.  It makes me feel like my whole house is in disarray.

*For the same reason as above, I love when all the pillows on our couch are plumped and in place.

*I am a neat-freak.  I do not love clutter, especially in my kitchen.  I love for my counters to be free of paper and odds and ends.  However, I have these five dudes that I live with that make that hard.  So, like right now, all my counters are cleared off, except for the one counter under where my kitchen radio is installed under my cabinet.  That's the counter that I don't use, so if things are out that need to be out, I try to put them over there.  But if something IS on that counter, it must be neat, or it drives me bonkers.  Right now I'm working on getting our lists together for what to pack and what to buy for when we leave for First Kids Camp on Sunday, so those lists are on the counter along with a cup with pens and pencils that they'll need to take with them.

And yes, I realize that the last sentence is weird, too, but if I don't specify those pens as the ones to be left alone until Sunday when we pack for Camp, they will all disappear before that day arrives.  I live in a house full of people that leave things where they shouldn't be or take things to strange places.  (Like when I find multiple pencils or pens or markers in their bathroom.)

(I have to stop the wacky Wednesday post for now and tell you what my dog just did.  Crash been working on finishing a really long bone that Drew bought for him.  He got up and I assumed that he had finished it.  A couple minutes later, he goes over to this potted house plant I have beside my fireplace here in the living room, and I notice he has his head in the flowerpot.  I got onto him and he stopped.  Noah walked over to the plant to see what he had been doing and saw that the stupid dog tried to bury his bone in the container.  I swear, I could not make this stuff up if I tried.  Why can we not just have nice, normal animals?  I think all of ours have these issues that most pets don't have.)


Well now I lost my train of thought.  Go figure.  I guess I'll stop this post and go fold another load of laundry.  Love to all!


Shea said...

I loved this post!!!
Made me smile:)

Shea said...
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Jennifer Goodwin said...

Because I'm crazy?! Haha! I'm glad I made you smile. ;). Thank you for leaving me comment love! I need to see's been too long!!

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