Monday, July 8, 2013

my love/hate relationship with social media

 There are wonderful things about social media. 

There are things that suck about social media.

One plus is that it grows ones' circle of friends.  For one that might not have that many friends, it can sure rock someone's day, especially if it's your birthday!

One negative is that it can actually pull us away from talking to our friends.  You know what I mean~instead of picking up the phone to call, why not just FB her?  I have been so guilty of that, and I really try my best to have real conversations with my friends.  At least every once in a while. 

Another pro is that social media puts us back in touch with people we might not normally see or talk to anymore, like old youth pastors or friends that have moved out of town. 

A con would be that sometimes we "friend" people we shouldn't.  (i.e. old boyfriends/girlfriends)

(I'm trying to think of another "pro", but for the life of me, cannot think of even one more.) 

(Am I using too many parentheses?)

The cons:

Social media has forced us to be jealous, competitive, bitter wives and moms.  Don't act shocked, you know you've experienced it.  How many of you LOVE seeing your friends' pictures of the beach while you're here at home working your rear end off?  Especially if you would love a vacation but can't afford one.  (Ouch.) 

*I am guilty of posting too many pictures, I know.  No stone-throwing, please.*

Instead of being thankful for what God has so graciously given us, we become covetous of all we don't have~that fancy new car, a perfect home, a model~skinny body, a love of exercise for the love of Pete!  (Who else is OVER the "I completed seventeen and a half miles of running with this app on my cell phone!"?!?!?!!)

*Don't judge me.  Please.  There are days when I want to post: "I made it out of bed and brushed my teeth before noon today.  Go me!"  Like I said...don't judge me.*

I'll stop with the cons, although I failed to mention my despising of people using it as a means for news (like when a celebrity dies), or political posts, or braggy status updates (although I know we are all guilty of that one). 

What I constantly ask myself is this:

Why do I use social media then, if I mostly hate it? 

There are a few reasons, in no particular order.

1.  I am a mom to teenagers and pre-teenagers.  Social media is THE way to communicate nowadays, and it's the place to "be".  As a mom to pre-and teenaged kids, it is imperative that I stay on top of things socially.  And, quite frankly, if they use it, I use it.  End of story.

2.  I have people in my family and in my circle of friends that don't know Jesus.  I often pray and ask God for Him to use me as a light for Him. 

3.  I love to encourage people.  It's something that God has given me the ability to do, and I try my best to do just that...and social media makes it easy!

4.  I post pictures because it's a place for me to keep them.  I wish I had scrapbooks and photo albums of all the pictures that I've taken over the years, but I don't.  I love to take pictures.  I think I'm pretty decent at capturing images.  Do I call myself a photographer?  No.  Do I believe that I could be if I wanted?  Maybe, if I actually studied it.  Lots of photographer friends judge people like me because of all the apps available now that enable you to mess around with the lighting and filters on pictures you take.  I use them, but I know that it doesn't make my pictures special.  They're special because of who's in them.  And it's a hobby.  Last time I checked, everybody has a hobby.

I am thankful for all the pictures I've posted, too, because I cannot tell you how many times it's sparked conversations or memories about certain times and places.  If my pictures annoy you, I'm sorry.  Don't look at them.  :)

5.  Let's face it~sometimes I do love social media.  I love "talking" with my friends during the day, at my convenience.  I love sharing laughs over crazy animal pictures.  And the nosy person in me LOVES looking at pictures of my friends' kids or beautifully decorated homes.  I've often been inspired by something I've seen, and it'll motivate me to make a change, whether it be in decorating or starting a new type of prayer journal or Bible-reading plan. 

These are the reasons why I love and hate social media. 

Comments?  Arguments?  Thoughts?

Share the love.  Please.  I am so tired of talking to myself.

Love to all. 


Shari said...

I know some people who OBVIOUSLY use it as a way to brag about how "great" they think they are, about all they have, etc. I have quite a few people hidden from my wall because I just got sick of it. I also know some that post the same things over and over and it drives me nuts... so I hide their stuff too.

I definitely have a love/hate with social media. I think I have blogged about that before. I do like that it is a way to keep up with friends who aren't close by. I like being able to tag friends in pics so they can see pics that I have taken when we have been at an event together, etc. There have been many times when it has provided me with up to the minute info on political or school matters that I might not have known about without it.

Definitely good and bad. We have all had moments of doubting ourselves, being jealous, or feeling inadequate after seeing other posts. However, I constantly remind myself that everyone posts their HIGHLIGHT REEL. It is the best of the best. Behind the scenes, they are digging through the trenches just like the rest of us. :)

Love you girl!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

There are definitely good and bad things. Nothing happened by the way, I just don't think I've ever blogged about this topic before. I was looking for something new and fresh~plus, I've kinda gotten a few snide comments here and there about the things I post. ;) I've hidden people too~family included! Not necessarily because of what they might post, but because of what others post on their wall. :/

We all have things we alternately love and hate don't we? This was just one of mine...I have ongoing jokes with my sister Debi about this topic.

Love you!

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