Monday, July 22, 2013

a rainy Monday

Never in my life have I been so appreciative of a rainy day at home.  My house is pretty thankful, too.  It's been neglected the past week, and it's in need of some special attention.  And laundry...oh, the laundry.  Mountains of it need to be washed, dried, folded and put away.

I would post a picture, but I've been posting them to Twitter instead of Facebook (see previous blog about negative feedback on all my pictures) since we've been gone, and I can't save them the usual way.  So, if you would like to see the pictures from our weekend, I'm giving you a link to my Instagram profile.  (

We had a really fun weekend at the lake.  Our friends, the Brandenburg's invited us for the second summer to their beautiful lake house at Pickwick.  They have two kids, Garrett who is the same age as Jonah and Noah, and Nathan, who is the same age as Graham.  We met them at a lacrosse game three years ago, and we've been friends ever since.  We look forward to our weekend with them every summer.  The boys are in heaven while we're there, because they have every toy available...four-wheelers, a golf cart, a ski boat, a jet ski, a fishing name, they've got it.

For today, though, we are being lazy.  I just might stay in my pj's all day.  And watch the live news feeds on an announcement on the royal baby being born!  That's my guilty pleasure for the day.  We all need one of those every once in a blue moon.  I'm hoping for a girl.  And if it is, I hope they name her after Princess Diana.

We'll see about all that, I suppose.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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