Monday, June 24, 2013

why I miss my kids when they're gone

1.  I don't have laundry tons of laundry to do.  I know I put myself at risk by writing that statement, but I had a moment of sadness today when I opened my washing machine to put the clothes into the dryer, only to discover there were no clothes in my washing machine!  I know it would make most people happy, but God has blessed me with four kids, and I miss them when they're not all here with me, even when it produces copious amounts of dirty clothes.

2.  Jonah and Noah are lonely.  I am a little lonely.  We might still be hanging out in Graham's and Drew's room, even though they're not here.  Even Crash misses them.

3.  I seem to not be able to plan dinner well when I only have two kids.  Because of this fact, tonight we are either going to be eating grilled cheese sandwiches, or we'll be eating at Costco when we go to buy a ginormous bag of sugar and gallons of milk.

4.  I don't have anyone to talk to in the daytime.  Jonah and Noah either go outside or play upstairs, and I'm downstairs all by my lonesome.  :(

5.  I miss having all my kids under one roof.  Not only do I love my kids because I am their mom, I genuinely like them.  We enjoy being with them, and just hanging out together.  But I also love what they're doing this week.  I'm so excited for this opportunity, and I cannot wait to join them for a day tomorrow.  I'm taking a Suburban full of people with me to serve in the morning.  :)

Happy Monday to you and love to all.

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