Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We love VBS.  It's kind of a big deal around our house.  We all either attend it (Jonah and Noah) or serve during it (Graham, Drew and me).  We love it.

It's a long week of going to bed and getting up early, but it is well worth the effort it takes to do so.  And after this year, VBS at our church will be changing.  I am so excited at the vision our amazing Austin has for this ministry.  Let me put it this way~next year it will be more of an outreach than a baby-sitting time that some parents have made it into.  I know that we will all be super-involved with it next year and can hardly wait at the changes to come.

But until that happens, we are going to enjoy the rest of our week!  I thought I might share some pictures of what we've been up to.

These are our shirts we're given to wear each day, as the workers.  I love our theme verse from 2 Timothy 1:7:

"For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love and sound judgement." (HCSB)

This verse is so appropriate as we look forward to next year's changes.  I love it.

This was this morning, right before we walked out the door.  Drew is such a dork.  He really was excited about going, he just wasn't smiling.  The goob.

I am in charge of 5th grade craft.  Instead of doing a bunch of little things, we're painting one canvas.  The images above are what it's supposed to look like when we're finished.  (Graham painted the pink and green one, and Drew painted the blue one yesterday as our example.  I can't wait to hang them!)

After VBS is over each day, we come home and eat and I do this.  Lay on the couch and snooze.  Today Crash joined me.  ;)

Graham and Drew are going to something next week called Street Reach, which is like an inner-city mission trip.  They had evangelism training for it today after VBS, and this is what Jonah did while we waited on them to finish.  He was peeking at me through the open sunroof.

This is just an image I came across on Facebook this morning...I thought it was appropriate for my morning quiet time before we left home to head to church.  I especially love the part that says "Love Well".  Sometimes that's hard...but it's important to remember that we might be the only ones to ever show the love of Jesus to those who might not know Him.

It's a crazy but fun week.  I pray that you get the chance to serve in some way...one thing about our church that I love is their heart for others.  Whether that's in our own community (The Ville), inner-city Memphis (next week's Street Reach), in India or in Canada, it is a privilege to serve others.  To point them to Heaven. I pray you get that chance someday, if you don't already.

Thanks for reading!  Comments will not hurt my feelings...sometimes I wonder if anybody reads this.  Love to all.


Shea said...

I still read;) I love to read what you write.
Your writing feels like I'm sitting at your
kitchen table with a cup of coffee and a
great friend. It's just comforting:)
What changes are they making next year?

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Shea!! I'm so glad you still read...and I'm even more glad I got to hug your sweet self on Monday! It was so good seeing you!! That is really nice of you to say that. :) They're making it more of an outreach...so it will not be at our church. We're taking it to areas around town where most of the kids don't go to church. I can't wait. It sounds amazing, but pray for our leaders...I'm sure they'll get a lot of negative feedback for this.

Phyllis said...

You know I always read!!! This is the last thing I check before I got to bed at night in case I missed it during the day, or in case you have added an impromtu second one! I really like it when it shows up on fb because then I don't have to pull up the blog to check each time. I love the way you are all so involved with the ministries at your church and you know I pray for all of you AND your church all the time. Bunches of love!!!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

I know you do, Phyllis. Thank you! :) It is convenient being on FB. I love it, too! It's a true honor to be involved in something we love so much, ya know? I feel blessed to be a part of it all. Love you!!! Can't wait to hug you tomorrow night!!

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