Monday, May 20, 2013

weekend goings-on

We spent Friday with my dad.  We had planned on going to the zoo, but we woke up to a rainy, drizzly day.  And the rain never really went away.  We decided not to chance the weather and went to CiCi's Pizza.  You know that's my kids' favorite place.  I think because they can eat all they want.

Before we got our day started, though, I did this:

I got to be the first ever person to keep this little guy!  My neighbors didn't really want to get this little man out in the rain, so he stayed with me.  And was held the entire time he was here.  Notice the different the time the second picture was taken, he had spit up all over himself and Jonah.

And look at my dog.  He was so stinkin' jealous of this kid.  He sat and did this the entire time I held him.

Friday night found us at our friend's new home and the kids doing this:

That water was sixty-five degrees!  Brrrr!

Saturday was spent at home.  We had a movie marathon in the first part of our day, then went to my mom's for dinner.

Yesterday was spent at church.  I love our church!  I don't think I can say that enough.  It only took us two years, but two years later, we have found a group of people to belong to.  It's such a great feeling...may I encourage you for a minute?  I don't know where you are in life, or if you go to church, or maybe you've changed churches or are thinking about doing that...but be patient.  Finding a church home is a long and tedious process, but it is worth the effort.  I'm not saying to change churches...or not to ever go to another church...but if you're mostly happy where you are, stay there.

We went from one church to this one, and the difference is night and day.  In our previous church, as much as I loved it, I was the only one who loved it.  We needed to change.  And two years later, we've met so many amazing people.  One of my dearest friends goes to church with me here, and if not for her, I would have never joined the amazing homeschool group we all attend on Thursdays.

I'm also not dissing our old church~God had us there for a reason for the amount of time we were there.  I would never trade that time spent attending there.  But now, He has a reason for us to be part of another amazing church.  I've seen Him do some pretty awesome things...and I know He will continue.  It's exciting to be in the will of God~whoever thought being a Christian was boring couldn't be more wrong.

We were talking about our Summer plans at church'll be busy, but it'll be fun.  I always look forward to the long nights spent with friends over and fun traditions, like our Sunday night swim and cook-out with the neighbors and the fireworks at Bellevue.

Well...I need to go start my dryer.  I didn't do laundry this morning, and I have got a small mountain in the laundry room.  I hope you've had a great day so far!  Love to all.

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