Thursday, May 30, 2013


We survived today's carnival.  I have to say 'thank You' to the Lord here~He gave us the perfect day.  It was overcast and cool with an awesome breeze that would blow from time to time.  The sun peeked through the clouds a couple times, but the rest of the day was overcast.

It literally rained all around us.

This is a HUGE answer to prayer!

See the clouds?  They were all around us and were the perfect cover!

Drew hung out here all day, doing this:

He had the greatest job, as the one who was in charge of laser tag.  ;)  He didn't mind it too much.

We had a worship band that entertained us, and here's my oldest rockin' out at the drums:

Contrary to what his face looks like, I assure you, he was having the time of his life.

Here are some of the amazing kids that make up Gen SC~our student council.  {This is the generation of those who seek Him.  Psalm 24:6}

I wish there were adequate words to tell you how much I love and admire these kids.  They're awesome.

And just for your viewing pleasure, I give you this:

My heart melts at the sight of this kid.

After the clean-up of the carnival, we came home and kids showered.  I took a nap.  We ate an easy dinner of leftover pizza and sandwiches.

I washed and dried one more load of clothes for the boys to take to camp and assisted in the packing of said articles of clothing.

I showered and now here I sit.  The boys are all bringing their stuff down and I'm watching High School Musical 3.  Don't judge~I love these movies.

And in two and a half hours, Jonah, Noah and I will say goodbye to Todd, Graham and Drew until late Tuesday night.  Tomorrow we'll be celebrating by swimming with Mimi at her neighborhood pool.  Then, Mimi graciously offered to let Jonah and Noah spend the night with her and Papa.  And that means that I get girlfriend time!!!  It's been way too long since I've seen my best friend, and I don't care if we sit in the car and catch up for two hours, I am dying to see her!

It's going to be a great weekend.  And I get to catch up on my shows!  It's the small things in life, people.

That's our night.  How was yours?

Love to all.

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