Sunday, April 21, 2013

the "ahhhhhh" moments of the weekend

Todd's parentals invited us over for dinner Friday night.  Any night that I don't have to worry about dinner is like a mini~vacation.  And dinner was delicious...Mimi made grilled chicken marinated in ginger dressing, mac and cheese, this yummy rice and veggie side dish, rolls and pineapple angel food cake.  Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Saturday was one of those day when we were a family divided.  Graham and Drew had a car wash they gave with the other Gen SC kids from our homeschool group, and Todd took Jonah and Noah to his workshop so he and his dad could help them build pinewood derby race cars.  They're having a race at school on Thursday.

While they were gone, I went to lunch with my best friend.  We went to Firebirds, and I ordered my usual BLT salad.  We might have shared the salted caramel brownie with vanilla ice cream too.  ;)  We didn't really have other plans, so we did a little grocery shopping together.  That was a first, but supposedly, there's a first for everything.

After lunch, I got to love on and hold my friend Katie's new baby!!!

If that isn't some sweet baby love, I don't know what is.  His name is Caleb Keller.  Isn't he precious?

I swear, I just sighed looking at his sweet little chubby cheeks.

I was going to cook dinner last night, but my man was starving and couldn't wait, so he went and bought pizza.  I have to admit, it was wonderful not having to worry about dinner for the second night in a row.  He spoils me. 

And today, my favorite day of the week...Sunday school and church.  I love our Sunday school class!  I feel so challenged when I walk out every week...and today was no different.  The same was true for Brother Chuck's sermon this morning, on how to live big for God.  It was an awesome day in the Lord.  The music, the fellowship...all of it just fills in the gaps that need filling in.  I know I've said this before, but I want to encourage you {again} to find a church home if you don't have one.  Get involved!  It's so rewarding, being a part of a church and a fellowship class.

How was your weekend?  I hope it was full of those "ahhhhhh" moments.  :)  Love to all. 


Christa said...

Look at that sweet baby with his sweet baby cheeks! So healthy. =) So happy for a safe delivery. I know you will be getting your baby snuggle on as often as possible. Lurve you!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

I know!!! Isn't he presh?! I'm in love already. I was given permission to come over today and "get my fix". :) I have to get cleaned up first, then the boys and I are going to go over there so they can meet him for the first time!

I'm nasty b/c I just spent three hours in my garage with the boys, cleaning out all the junk. It's a gorgeous day to spend it outside!

Lurve you!!!

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