Wednesday, April 17, 2013

dream a little dream...

I've been having the most insane dreams lately.  I wish I could tell all of them, but the one I had last night was my favorite.  I dreamed that Katie {one of my best friends and neighbor} had her baby.  They know that it's a boy, but they're not telling us his name.  I even dreamed that I knew his name!  It was something weird and I remember thinking, "You've been saving the surprise for THAT?!"

Don't tell her I said that.  ;)

She needs to have the baby!!!  He was due yesterday, and if he doesn't come on his own, he'll be here sometime next Wednesday or early Thursday.  Needless to say, I'm sleeping with my phone practically in bed with me at night, not turned down at all.

We're their peeps.  They don't have family here, so it's all up to us to take care of their nephews when that time comes.  {Their nephews live with them.}

Do you go through crazy times of dreaming weird things?  I've heard that it can be food~related, but I don't know if I buy that.  I was REALLY hoping that the Lord was telling them that he was coming today, all through my dream last night.  No such luck.  ;)

We are so excited for this baby, one that they've tried for, for so long.  I can't wait to hold him in my arms, and get my baby fix taken care of.  I've warned her that I just might randomly go see her and go rock him.  I love rockin' some babies!  I'll leave you with a picture of my sweet Katie-Katie {my boys' used to call her that}.  Will you pray for her?  I know she could use it.

It was her birthday, she was sick, AND she's pregnant...all the reasons why she wouldn't share the brownie batter bowl.  ;)

This is Katie and her sweet mama at her baby shower.  Isn't she pretty?

Thanks in advance for praying for her, sweet baby boy, her hubby and their nephews.  Love to all.  

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