Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jesus, Seder & Sunny

That title brings a smile to my face.  It's just a summary of the day I had today.  It was really, really good.  You all know how much we love Thursdays because of our awesome homeschool group.  Today did not disappoint.

Before I get started on that, though, I have to say that I loved my quiet this morning.  I spent time reading John 19, 20 and 21.  I'm reading along with the Easter Bible reading plan YouVersion offers.  I have to say that I'm a little confused by it, though.  I'm on track.  Today was day four of seven, and this was the day I read about Jesus' crucifixion.  It makes me wonder what I'll read tomorrow, on Good Friday.  {Which, by the way...did it really happen on Friday?  That's a whole 'nother post, though.}

Back to today.

I was particularly looking forward to today because we had the honor of participating in Seder.  We have an art teacher, Sarah Beth, who is an Orthodox Jew.  And though we believe differently, we believe that our ministry is ministering to her heart.  We pray continually that her eyes will be opened to the truth that we all know.  She hears it from our kids, and she has to answer questions about why she believes so differently from what we do.  But she is precious, and a trooper for withstanding all that curiosity. 

Seder was everything I expected~very, very ritualistic.  Very different from what we are used to!  Us moms and our kids participated in it together, and I made the mistake of telling my picky Jonah that there would surely be something that he would not mind eating. 

I was wrong.

Even the grapes tasted weird.  {Grin.}  His words, not mine.  We ate parsley dipped in salt water, bitter herbs sandwiched between matzah crackers and mixed in with some apple mixture, and we had some fatty type meat.  The little ones had chicken nuggets, which were not at ALL chicken nuggets.  Don't get me wrong, it was truly an honor to participate in this, and the father of Sarah Beth is a Holocaust survivor.  It was a wonderful lesson rich in history for my boys, and I am so thankful they got to participate with me. 

I'm just saying that maybe I should not have told Jonah what I did.  ;)  I didn't know I would end up eating my words. 

Needless to say, we all came home and had a snack afterward.  The grape juice was fabulous, though. 

We had dinner once Todd got home, then I took my boys and two of the neighborhood kids up to the park to play soccer.  We ran into my sweet friend Sunny and her hubby.  Their daughter was practicing with her soccer team and Andy {Jonah's and Noah's best friend} was on a field by himself.  So while Holly practiced and the other kids played, she sat in my suburban and we got all caught up with one another. 

I do love some sweet time with friends.  I dearly love Sunny and David.  They're the kind of friends we'll have forever.  The kind we don't have to see every weekend to stay close~we love and trust that we'll just be best  friends forever. 

And I think we will.  It's not often that couples hit it off so well with other couples, and when it happens, you need to handle the relationship carefully.  We do, and try to get together as often as our hectic schedules allow.  The boys had a blast, and one of Graham's friends ended up joining in the game when he found out we were there. 

Have I mentioned how much I love The Ville?  I do.  I love that it's a not-so-small town that feels like a small town.  I love that almost every time I leave my house, I run into someone I know. 

I love it. 

We are blessed indeed.  So, tomorrow is Good Friday, or God Friday as I typed then backspaced.  How are you spending this day?  We will be with my dad.  It just so happens to be his eighty-second birthday.  He's grilling hamburgers on the grill for us.  I can't wait! 

We have plans tomorrow night...and all weekend, in fact.  It'll be full of good times, with the best part happening on Sunday.  Good times, indeed, spent with some sweet friends...I'm pretty sure our house will be bustin' at the seams all weekend.  The way I like it. 

Thanks for all the comments I've been receiving!  I love seeing that little comment button lit up. 

Love to all. 

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